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Here you will find my favorite games and most of them were chosen by the students from over 36 years of  trying them in all conditions , both inside and out .



Name: WE R PR
What is your favorite activity?

Christmas Games :


Check out these Holiday ideas for each SEASON of activity.



As educators , I believe we should expand and try new ways to incorporate activities through scanning the various webpages in the core subject realm and coordinated/adapt them with physical education . The first thing I did was to visit to get ideas. When you get there you will notice downloads and zip files that can be adapted to any lesson. In this case , I chose Christmas Concentration because of the holiday season. Here are the details after accessing the pdf :

Print out one set of cards and glue them to index cards. The objects are angels , stockings , bulbs , and manger. 

Color the cards 

Turn cards over and mix them up and place unde cones or frisbees 

The object is to find pairs 

Make it more challenging by printing multiple sets and color them in identical sets. 

Arrange the class into 4- 6 groups for more activity . The first person lifts the cone/frisbee and brings it back to their group. 

The next person repeats the process until a match occurs 

No matches go to the end of the group line 

Perform a Holiday locomotor skill such as gallop(reindeer) , skip(elf) , hop(grinch) , run , slide and leap, etc. 

Continue until all objects are matched or completed .

Note : With smaller classes( or alternative) , the students can go all at once and give them a designated object(s) to find . Set a time limit and repeat to better the previous score. BUT , beware of the GRINCHES who will try to tag before the task can be completed. If tagged start over from a designated contact line. Chose new taggers each time.

Another activity that is a favorite of the primary classes is Snowball /Clothespins . Give each student a clothespin. Buy(1.99) some cotton balls at a store , like Target , K-Mart or the Dollar Store. Open up the bag and let the cottonballs scatter. On asignal , with the groups behind designated lines , they will run to the cottonballs(snowballs) and pick up and snap the clothespins, bring them back to their (toybox/ containers) and repeat the process. The most snowballs wins or try to beat a previous score. As an alternative have taggers/Grinches to impede the process. Adapt rules for more involvement
+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++SNOWBALL RUN :

Place the following objects throughout the gym in a scattered formation - frisbees with the bowl side up and adapted "snowballs( wiffleballs , paper wads , etc.) and have half of the snowballs on the frisbee and the other half outside and beside the frisbee. As an alternative use deflated play ball so they don't roll away easily. Divide the class between two groups , the Elves and the Grinches. One group will try to steal the snowball from the frisbee and place it outside , while the othe rgroup places the snowball from the outside into the frisbee . The frisbee may connotate a "toy" or cookie tray for Santa . After a few moments count all thos eout or inside the PLATE/TOY .Switch positions often to try both tasks.

Use the same arangement as the  SNOWBALL EXPRESS  but his time place all the snowballs on the frisbee(plate). Chose 3-6 Grinches to guard the snowballs . On a signal the ELVES will try to steal the snowballs and bring them back to a designated contact line. Count one score for each snowball but if tagged that person must go back to the contact line and start over. Chose new Grinches each time. As an alternative have the Grinches stay in the middle of the area facing the Elves , who will be standing on a contact line, and will try to retreive Holiday objects placed on another contact line about 30 feet away. Place as many objects on that contact line spaced a safe distance away .Use traffic cones as starting places for each of 5-6 groups. The first person in each line will try to take the Holiday gift ot object and bring it back to their start area. If tagged they will go to the end of the line and the next person goes. But, if an object is stolen they can't be tagged , then they place the object next to the cone(  TREE . The progression continues until all objects are taken. Here are some examples of the Holiday fare :


  2. Jersey or pinnie(sweater)

  3. Wiffleball( popcorn ball)

  4. Jump rope (gift)

  5. Beanbag ( food)

  6. Deck ring ( cake)

  7. Frisbee(plate)

  8. Small cone ( glass of milk for Santa)

  9. Softball( ornaments)

    The students will be lined up in 5-6 groups in order and when all the objects are gone , the teacher will have slips of paper with all the names of the objects that are to be taken. Chose one slip of paper and that group with that object at their 


     becomes the next GRINCHES. Repeat the process with each group trying to become the new Grinches the most times.



    Arrange the class around the parachute and underneath place 4-5 scooters or


    . Give numbers from 1-5 to try to leave the parachute , run to the scooter and sit on it. Next , those students will have to make it back to their places before the parachute comes down on them. For more fum have the parachute be the 


     and the scooters (sleighs) and the students GRINCHES . Call a new number each time. Practice using the parachute safely with the command " DROP " the only time the class lowers the parachute . It will be more effective if there is a contact circle or line for the students to get back to for a safe trip back to their places.



    Use larger tumbling mats as sleighs for the students to transport their team to a designated line. All teams start at another designated line with one student on the mat while the ohers pull him/her to the other line. Once there , switch with another teammate and repeat the process until all had a turn. Time the students and then repeat to try to netter a previous score. Please note that the student on the mat should be in a kneeling position and not laying down . The pulling students should be arranged around the front of the mat and draging safely. Note : any student who falls off the mat receives a 5 second penalty time.



Establish objects as the three road signals with red tagger freezing those tagged , a yellow object makes them walk and a green object makes them be set free. ( the objects may be rip flags , rimmed/colored syrofoam hockey pucks or pinnies). Start by having the students in a scattered formation. On a signal the students move according to the signal when tagged. The green object must always look for thosw who are frozen or walking to be set frre. Chose new taggers after each turn.

Scatter the class into a safe place throughout the area. Give 3-4 students a white wiffleball(snowballs) to tag the students and 3-4 others with a frisbee(this will be the snownman's hat). On a signal the snowballs chase the others(snowmen) while the frisbees(hats) set the tagged students free. If taggged that student pretends to melt to the ground and waits for the hats to be placed above their head - as this sets tem free. Chose new snowballs and hats after each turn.

Make two teams with one team being the ELVES , who must do the following task - align them on a designated line side by side with a box of toys(balls) in a container.Place another empty container at the other end. The ELVES must pass a toy(ball) one at a time until it ends up in the other container. The Reindeer line up facing a basketball hoop(lowered) and do the following - give each student a beanbag(food) to throw into the chimney(hoop). If the beanbag goes into the b-ball hoop then leave it there. If missed go to the end of the line(pick up beanbag) and wait until the next turn . The object is to have either group finish the task before the others one can. Switch places after each turn to give the opportunity to try both. There should be an equal amount of toys and beanbags .

Arrange two teams equally on each of designated lines about 30 feet apart . Make another line about 6-8 feet away from one of the lines . One team will stand ona designated line ina side by side formation. The others will gather near the other far line around the teacher(huddle). The teacher will ask them to "act out /mimic" a seasonal activity. These students will then walk down to the running line ( about 6-8 feet away) from the team that must guess the activity. If wrongly guessed , the running team says NO. If correct , they will be chased back to their line . Give 3-4 chances before switching places. Here are some seasonal activities to MIMIC - throw snowballs , shovel show , sled riding , skiing, skating , snow saucer ride , etc. One student choses ata time until all had a turn to guess.


_________________________________________________(contact line)


Match up students into partners of two with one student in back of the other. The front student(Rudolph) will have a jump rope around their waist being held by the student in behind(Santa). Practice pathway skills for safety concerns. This will be the 'ROAD" to deliver the gifts as they all move together safely. Chose 2-4 grinches who will try to tag Santa . If tagged that grinch becomes Santa and vice versa. Make sure that everybody gets a turn to be involved in all three positions and switch after each turn .Establish safet rules and add objects to the "ROAD : They may be chimneys( traffic cones) ;boxes(toys) ; trees ( larger traffic cones / chairs) , etc. It is important to practice the pathways for avoidance procedures.