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K-4th Grade Games



Games and activities will provide the best learning possibilities to increase the children’s

activity levels . Deciding what games are appropriate will improve the student’s

knowledge of the game , rules for sportsmanship and opportunities to be successful. To

get the most out of those experiences , there must be an inclusion for all students .The

activities should be geared that allow them to be active most of the time. This will help

provide decision making , cooperation , enjoyment of physical fitness for a lifetime , and
contributions to  health- related recommendations.


BUMPER CARS .* Arrange the class in a scattered formation around the gym within a 

safe distance apart .* Each student is equipped with a hula hoop .* If there aren’t enough

hoops,  it may be shared with another student .* Different colored hoops will enhance the

experience and make for more alternatives during the activity. * On a given signal , the

students start to shuffle the hoops in all directions.* Any colored hoop called will attempt

to lightly bump an opposite color.* If bumped, that student stops the action and raises a

hand .* At that time , any teammate may shuffle over and bump the hoops together to re-

enter the game action.* After each designated time limit call another color .* Throughout

the activity, there are decision making and cooperation skills .* A lead up activity should

be practiced for hoop movement and shuffling skills .


Alternatives : *If there aren’t enough colored hoops , give the students numbers instead.

Or , the students move in all directions to either move away or attempt to bump a hoop

from the back , and not head on , which will resemble a run and chase sequence.


Content : Co-operation , decision making , listening ,follow directions, safety ,pathway avoidance

Equipment : Hula hoops




DONKEY KONG . *The students are arranged in a circle formation about arms length

apart .* Chose one student to swing a weighted rope along the ground .* With every

rotation , the students will attempt to jump over the object. * After  a designated time

limit chose a new student to be the “swinger”.* The weighted object should be a safe

material, such as a milk jug ,which have pebbles or sand inside .* The game was taken

from the Donkey Kong  computer game .


Recipe . It is essential to use media entertainment as a carry over ,which the

students can identify with in real life situations for fun and enthusiasm.

Alternatives : *Use more than one circle to involve more students in small sided game action .

Content : Co-operation , teamwork, aerobic endurance , listening skills

Equipment : Milk jug , weighted object , jump ropes

TRADES . *Divide the class into two groups .* Place one group on a contact line , which can be the end line on one side of the basketball court .* The other group is arranged about 6- 8 feet away .* Make a contact line about 30 feet away ,which is the half court line .* One group will be the runners , and the other one the chasers, who have to guess a “trade “ or expressive action .* To begin , take the running group to the contact line and huddle together for a secret command( trade) .* This group will then move back to their starting position away from the chasers.* Each group is arranged on their respective lines in a side by side position.* On a signal , start at one end of the line to guess what trade or expression the running group is performing.* If the skill is wrong, the next person in order guesses. *If correct , the runners try to tag the chasers before they can return to the half court , contact line.* Repeat the process for a designated time , and then switch positions. *This game will teach cooperation and pathway avoidance.

Trade examples : Shoveling snow, sweeping, typing, washing a car , painting, bouncing on a trampoline, driving, dribbling, hitting a balloon , tight rope walking , throw snow balls , raking , walking the dog.

Alternatives :* Move the contact lines closer or farther apart .* Change the type of

locomotor skill other than running( skip, hop, jump, slide).


Content : Co-operation , team work , aerobic endurance , safety ,pathway avoidance

Equipment : None

Recipe. Use Holiday or seasonal experiences to enhance the interest in all the games and activities .

PACMAN *. Align the students on any of the marked lines of the basketball and volleyball dimensions.* On a signal , they will move in any direction until a different command is given.* Follow the lines until two students meet together.* At this juncture, one of the students must turn to the opposite direction.* Change the type of locomotor skills often .( walk, run ,skip, hop ,etc.)*Chose one student to be the tagger (Pacman),which is taken from the computer game of the same name.* If tagged , that student becomes the new Pacman.* Practice the skills to ensure safety , following directions, pathways,  cooperation .

Alternatives:* Use more than one Pacman. * If tagged , that student steps off the line and

waits for another student to release them back to the game( hand tag).* Change directions

often( a whistle or music).*Use  a safe object for tagging(pillow, stuffed animal).


Content : Co-operation , teamwork, pathway avoidance ,safety

Equipment : Safe and soft tagging objects , pillow, stuffed animal


PARACHUTE GAMES .* Using the parachute is an inclusive activity , which can be taught not only for skills , but also for exercise(s) .* Start the activity with the basic skills to ensure cooperation and following directions.( lift, release, mushroom ,waves )


Arrange the class around the parachute with 5-6 scooters under the chute . With a four colored parachute call one color at a time to leave the parachute get on the scooter and try to get out safely. The other students will first raise the parachute until a color is called and will let go trying to trap the scooter students . Call a new color each time .


All the students will be holding the parachute and then practice lifting it above their heads. Next they will forcefully drive the chute downward and then kneel on their color  A color will be called and that group must try to climb the mountain and touch the middle in the shortest time. Call a new color each time .


The activity practice will be the same as MOUNTAIN except this time have the students sit on the floor and place the parachute down their backs. Call a color who will escape the MUSHROOM , run around the circle one time and reenter from their original position  Call a new color each time.


Place two hula hoops on the parachute with two different balls . The object is to make waves and try to place the designated ball through a designated hula hoop first . Any other objects may be used for the scoring "basket" , such as a bike tire or any round shaped object.


Place four cones behind the students at each of these clock positions : 12 , 3 , 6 , 9....have the class run around while holding on to the parachute. On a signal , or music , stop or freeze the action . That student who is nearest one of the cones gets caught each time. Reverse the order and change the mode of movement such as walk , run , slide , hop , etc.


Place as many balls on the parachute that can be flipped off without too much trouble. Have one group holding the parachute and the other around it. The parachute group will try to flip the balls off while the outside tries to catch them . Score one point for a catch . Any ball that hits the floor is score for the flipping team. Switch positions .

Alternatives . For the younger students change, the type of ball to a larger ones *Use the smaller parachutes for more small sided action.

Content : Co-operation ,teamwork , muscular strength , safety , endurance

Equipment : Parachutes , music CD , hula hoops , basketballs ,play balls, scooters

Recipe . Use an integrative approach ,such as using the parachute as a volcano to include the scientific names( magma , lava, molten, eruption).


SNEAKERS . *This is a beginning activity for the early grades to learn about the proper shoe apparel along with cooperation and listening skills.* Arrange the class at the mid court line .* The groups are aligned side by side facing each other about 10 feet apart, which is the distance the “old” gyms had for the ten second line. *Place different types of shoes in a cardboard box that are hidden from the classes sight.* Assign the groups two team names according to the shoes that are either appropriate or not for physical education class .* Maintain a contact line for each group , which is the end line on each side of the mid court line( away from all walls).* Reach into the box and lift one of the shoes( sneakers, high heels, flip-flops, boots ,tennis shoes, sandals, slippers).* One of the groups will run and the other will chase according to the designated names( one group is what is worn in P.E. class , and the other is those not permitted in P.E. class.)

Alternatives :* Move the starting lines closer or farther apart *.Use rip flag tags instead of hand tagging .

Content : Co-operation , teamwork ,aerobic endurance ,follow directions

Equipment : Sneakers , high heel shoes, sandals, boots, flip-flops , slippers







BOX BALL .*  Arrange the class into four groups(side by side) in  a square formation on one side of the half court area.* Place a box with different types of balls at one end and another box or hula hoop on the other end .* On a signal , the first person near the ball box takes one ball at a time and passes it to the next person in order.* Each person must continue the process and pass all the equipment from the box until all of the balls have been distributed .*Keep track of the time it takes to complete the task .* Repeat to improve the time .

Alternatives:* Change new leaders each time until all had a turn.* Establish a designated task for the last person with the ball .

Recipe. One of the tasks may be to score a basket , which is a hula hoop hanging from the

basketball hoop . Use a light ball for the younger students .

Content : Co-operation , teamwork, manipulative skills , safety

Equipment : Cardboard boxes, basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, play balls


Beanbag Horse Shoes * Divide the class into groups of two to four students * Make a

makeshift horse shoe court about 20 feet away with hula hoops as the target. *  Throw the

bean bags with an underhand motion .* Points are scored by landing the bean bag in the

hoop for three points , and one point for the beanbag closest to the hoop .* Take turns

with  a partner , and the opposing group *

Alternatives :* Use more hoops for individual activities.* Change the distance either closer or farther apart .* Use different types of equipment that slide easily .*Use  a tube sock with a tennis ball inside attached by duct tape .

Content : Co-operation , manipulative skills , safety awareness

Equipment : Bean bags , deck rings , Frisbees , tube sock , tennis ball


Keep Away * Arrange the students into five to six grids with a play ball . * There should

be an equal amount of opposing group members in each grid * Give the ball to one group

leader , who will start a ten pass completion in succession * Any ball that is dropped

reverts to the opposing group * The opposition may interfere or intercept the ball without

the no body contact rule in effect . * All players must stay within the designated grid ,

which is divided by traffic cones .

Alternatives :  *Establish a three second rule to release the ball . Limit the number of

steps before the ball is passed. Change the number of required passes. Use different types

of equipment . Change the size of the grid .

Content : Co-operation , team work, manipulative skills , safety awareness

Equipment : Play ball , Frisbee, volleyball , Gator ball , foam or nerf ball


Garbage Can . * Place tumbling mats standing up inside a designated grid.*Use ropes or

velcro to ensure the mats are secure and closed * Place four traffic cones around the mat 

in  a circle formation about ten feet from the makeshift garbage can . * Place a student at

each cone , who will try to throw an object inside the garbage can tumbling mat .*

Choose one student to be the guard at each garbage can * If the throwing object lands on

the floor , that student may attempt to take it back to the traffic cone .* If tagged , that

student switches place with the guard * After one minute , count the number of objects

inside the garbage can . * Choose a new guard each time *

Alternatives :* Change the distance between the traffic cones and garbage cans.* Use

different throwing objects .*Use more than one guard .

Content : Co-operation , team work , manipulative skills , safety awareness

Equipment : Deck rings , paper was balls , bean bags , foam or nerf ball






JUMP IT .* The class is aligned side by side on the end line of the basketball court area.

*The first person in order runs and jumps over tumbling mats that are placed at

designated distances apart . *All the students follow in order at a safe distance , then go

back to their original stating positions.* After each turn the mats are extended out more .

*The object is not to touch the floor space in between the mats. *The mats are angled in 

a straight line from one corner to another .* All landing areas are padded with mats .

Alternatives :* Fold mats(put in between the mats or on top of the long mat) , add objects

for more variety and fun. (cones).*Add more mats , run with partners .




Recipe . In the jumping activity , it would be a  great time to add media examples from

movies or stories.. Use the empty spaces as a danger signals like lions who have escaped

from their cages and are waiting for any feet to touch the floor space. (Lion King or

Alladin jumping over the magic carpets .)


Content : Co-operation , safety , agility , coordination , follow directions

Equipment : Tumbling mats, cones ,hula hoops


SPACE STATIONS .* Align the students into groups of three with one person inside a

hula hoop and the other two outside.* On the word "Blast off" each inside person must

get to a new hoop(outside students lift hoop higher ).* Chose 2-3 students without a hoop

who must fill the inside of the hoop before the others.* Switch places until all  had a turn

to be inside and out of the hoop.* The two outside students lift up the hoop slowly after

each number is called( 10-9-8-7 , blast off)


Alternatives :* Use a TV show like Star Trek and the hoops are space ships. *The

students without a space ship can be creatures from a dangerous planet. *Use

different locomotor skills to move from hoop to hoop.













THREE FINGERS. (Instant activity)
Arrange the class into a scattered formation with everybody as IT.* Have the students


signal three fingers as they are running about the space.* If tagged , they lose one finger.


If they fall down they lose one finger and the same if they knock anybody over by


not creating a safe pathway. As an alternative chose 2-3 taggers .*The object is not to


lose all three fingers before time is up.



Content : Co-operation , teamwork ,aerobic endurance , safety

Equipment : None



MOUSETRAP .* Align the class in a circle formation around the jump circle of the b-


ball court .* Chose four groups of two partners to hold a hula hoop(trap) head high .* The


arrangement should be at (12 -3 -6 -9 o'clock) on the circle .* The other players(mice)


will walk under the hoops until "MOUSETRAP" is called .* The hoop players will lower


the traps and if engulfed in the trap - that person will chose one person to switch


positions.* Do this until all have been traps and "mice" .


Content : Co-operation , teamwork , safety awareness

Equipment : Hula hoops



STORY TIME-* After a tumbling unit and mimetic skills , the students act out the skills


in a story play. Place mats appropriately or perform skills that are safe on the gym floor,

such as this story play:

Once upon a time my(dog) and I went for a walk in the woods. The eerie sounds of the


(bullfrog) scared us until we tripped and rolled down the hill like a (log). As we looked


up a big(bear) ran near our fall . As we ran away , the(snakes ) were no friends of ours.


Running into the creek bed a (crab) pinched at our heels. We scurried to a musical sound


of a nearby circus. We were glad to watch the (seals)trainer with a big whip.


The(monkeys) in the cages were running from side to side. The acrobats were tumbling


into (somersaults) and (egg rolls) .


Alternatives : Place the mats a safe distance from each other . *Display pictures or photos

of the skills that can be attached to traffic cones near the mats to show the younger

students  what the positions look like .


Content : Co-operation , integration , follow directions , mimetics , photos/pictures

Equipment : Tumbling mats ,traffic cones


Recipe . Story plays can be used to practice tumbling and mimetics in a non-threatening


environment to encourage success . These lead up skills are a prerequisite to enhance


kinesthetic  awareness.



CORNER EXCHANGE.* Place the students in groups of three who must always be


attached by holding hands or wrists. *These players will start at each corner of the area.


*Chose a group of three to be "It" and the remaining players in an area to be ready to


play. *On the signal(5-4-3-2-1 blast off) all players must run to another corner before the


"its" can. *The group without the corner goes to the waiting line and the next three from


the waiting area become the "Its". *Arrange the students on one side of the half court


line. *The group in the middle , who doesn’t find a safe corner goes to the end of the


waiting line, which is on the sidelines  a safe distance away .












Alternatives :* Chose more than three players , if the students break hands apart, they are the next middle group. *Hold wrists.


Content : Co-operation , teamwork, aerobic endurance , safety awareness

Equipment : None



POP CAN BOWLING .*  To make an easy transition to lifetime skills can start as early


the primary grades.* This unique activity uses homemade/makeshift equipment as


bowling pins , and a small ball ,such as a rag ball or tennis ball as the bowling ball. The


pop/soda cans are arranged in (3-2-1) pyramid set up about 15-20 feet away .* Make 4-6


groups that will attempt to knock over the cans.* Chose one student to stand behind the


cans as a “pinsetter”.* Each student takes a turn ,then goes to the end of the line .* Add


points or knockdowns after a designated time limit.* This would be an exemplary time to


add math integration.


Alternatives:* Move the can closer or farther apart . Change the type of ball* Make more

pop can set ups to include more action.(only use 3 cans). Use different pieces of


equipment ,such as wiffleballs , rag balls, tennis balls , softballs, frisbees, deck rings ,


plastic balls, nerf balls . After each turn , the groups have to chose a different implement .


With the pop cans have the groups work together to assemble a building for an


integrative approach


Content : Co-operation , teamwork , manipulative skills , integration

Equipment : Soda pop cans, rag ball, tennis ball , rubber bowling ball









POP CAN RUN . *Assemble as many different pop cans in front of 6-8 groups .* Scatter


the cans in all directions within the different varieties (Coke ,Pepsi, RC, Iced Tea, Diet


Cola, Root Beer , Lemonade , Fresca).* Each group has an assigned brand or flavor .


*The first person in each group picks up the can and places it beside their group.* The


next student in line repeats the process until there are no cans left on the floor. *There


will be many brands of the same name for more involvement . *Repeat the procedure to


beat a previous performance. *The groups are lined up on the mid court line about 10-15


away from the equipment .


Alternatives.  *Add a tagger to prevent the can from being taken. *If tagged place the can


in its original position , the next person repeats the procedure.* Change the type of can


each time .


Content : Co-operation , teamwork ,manipulative skills , aerobic endurance ,safety

Equipment: Soda pop cans


*Arrange the students into two groups.* One group on a designated start line and the

other group on poly spots or marked (x's).*The students on the start line are the

"sneakers" and the others are the "taggers".* On a signal, the sneakers move through the

taggers trying to get to a contact line(30 feet away) without being tagged.* Sneakers must

stay in the boundaries of the half court and sidelines.* The taggers must keep at least one

foot in contact with their spot.* If tagged run they around the outside area and back to

place to start again. Switch positions often .*As  a modification chose different locomotor


Variations .*  Move the taggers closer or farther apart .* Use more equipment for partner work .* Chose more or less taggers.

Content : Co-operation , work together , aerobic endurance , safety ,pathways

Equipment : Poly spots ,hula hoops


*To play ,pick four objects as bases and give each base a name.* "Don't like it", "I love


it, ","It's ok", "Never Tried it".* Pick a student to be it ,who stands in the middle while the


other students stand on any base they want ."IT" calls out he name of a food.* Players


then have to run to the base that best describes how they feel about that food.* IT tries to


tag a player before they reach that base.* New tagged students are the next IT.* This will


be great way to integrate health and nutrition to the activity.* The bases can be tumbling


mats , rope circles , hula hoops or cones .


Alternatives.* Make the bases closer or farther apart . Add more “ITS.” *Use makeshift


equipment ( rubber chickens, vegetables , fruits from plastic forms ,or display pictures of


the equipment.)


Content : Co-operation , aerobic endurance , pathways

Equipment : None



CONE AND COLORS .* Scatter cones (20-24) in any large space and place a marker or crayon or  an exercise card under each cone.* Divide the class into teams or partners. Give each team/partner a sheet of paper with 6 different colors listed on it.* The group must find the colors on their sheet in order as they are listed.* When the color is found, they mark their sheet with that marker beside the color before going to the next color. With an exercise card under the cone, the group must do the exercise and continue looking for the colors.* Continue until all colors are found.* Distribute a crayon or marker box for each group .* The first person or partners in each group starts the activity. Upon their return, the next person or partner(s) repeats  the process .*Groups are about 15-20 feet away .


Variations . Use more cones and markers . *Change the distance of the cones .* Use


frisbees instead of cones or a combination .


Content : Co-operation , work together, integration , pathways, safety

Equipment : Crayons, markers , traffic cones ,Frisbees



WHO CAN?* This is a great lead up game that will teach following directions and concentration . Also, it can be used as a discipline technique.* The students are arranged in a scattered formation.* Call out directions of movements at a rapid , but clear pace. *This is an individual activity , but yet, can reinforce skills that have been learned in the past : WHO CAN.......


  • Balance on one body part? Two? Three/Four?

  • Throw a ball to a partner(simulated)

  • Catch a ball at a low angle? High ?

  • Gallop , leap , run, skip on every basketball line Sit down without making any noise

  • Don't touch anybody while moving in all directions

  • Be silent for 10 seconds

  • Jump in the air , clap 3 times ,4?5?

  • Line up without making a sound or touching anybody

Alternatives: *This can reinforce the skills in  understanding  a lesson for positive

feedback  *Use this type of activity when the students finish the class. *This will be

used as a discipline technique for proper line –up procedures.

Content : Co-operation , follow directions, safety , integration

Equipment : None



CARD EXCHANGE .* Distribute index cards with five tasks in words ,colors,

shapes or directions to each student.* Each card is different , but must be carried with

them until all five tasks are completed .* At that point, the students hold up a card to

switch their card with another one.* Jog in place until the card is switched or silently

call out that a card is needed.* Try to switch as many different cards before a

designated time elapses. Repeat the process to better a previous score. *Equipment

should be placed in safe positions so they can accessible without  a loss of time. * The

students will either have to touch the object  or perform the task on the card.* All

equipment should be placed and not thrown away as easy access for the next student .



SKIP(5 steps)
















































Alternatives :* Play music for a few moments and exchange cards each time. *For the


younger students make only three or four tasks .


Content : Co-operation , work together , integration , pathways ,safety

Equipment :  Hula hoops , basketballs ,volleyballs, balloons, cones , soccer balls



TENNIS BALL RUN  *The students are lined up side by side on  a contact line with one


tennis ball . Number or letter each ball according to the ability level of each grade. *Use a


marker that is smudge – proof for future activities.* On a signal , the students roll the ball


into the gym area .* They will have to find their letter or number and return to the starting


position, which is the end line of the basketball court.* Call out times as each student


crosses the starting line.* Repeat to beat  a previous score .


Alternatives : Challenge the students to find their numbered or lettered  ball and return in


numerical or alphabetical order. Repeat for a better score .* Use the lettered balls to spell


out names relevant to physical education ,spelling lists , computer games or media


entertainment, such as movies, TV shows and cartoons. *Give  a point total for each word


or math addition scores.* This fosters cooperation and decision making skills.



*Change the positions of rolling the ball ( backwards, between legs ).


 Content : Co-operation , work together , manipulative skills , integration pathways, safety


Equipment : Tennis balls , practice plastic golf balls



FREEZEMANIA.* This is a partner activity in self space , which will lend itself later to


free space, so it’s important to discuss and practice pathways .* The partners are facing


each other  in exercise lines , in file formation , about 5-6 feet apart .* Play music to start


the activity .* At that signal , the students roll a ball back and forth until the music stops.


*The student(s) , who last caught the ball must chase/tag their partner before a ten second


time limit.* The play resumes with the next musical selection .* They will start the next


turn from where the last run and chase stopped.* This will open the activity to provide


more safety .


Alternatives :* Change the type of throw to a one bounce or no bounce attempts.* Instead of being tagged ,practice mirroring , which the chasing student must stay within an arm’s length away when the time limit expires.* Change partners for more variety.


Content : Co-operation , pathways , manipulative skills , follow directions

Equipment : Soft play balls , volleyball ,football , soccer ball


Recipe. It is always a good practice to move through pathways to avoid injuries, which


will cause a delay a momentum of the class. An instant activity is called meteors , which


will be presented as the next game. Any time there appears dangerous situations or


haphazard running patterns , stop the action and practice the meteor activity.



METEORS .* Arrange the students side by side in a square formation on one side of the


basketball court, which will include the sidelines , end line and half court line.* Practice a


variety of locomotor skills , which will proceed from their starting line to the opposite


line across from them.* The students are “meteors “ that have broken away from outer


space.*The meteors must not touch any other meteor.* Start with an easy command and


work to one that will determine cooperation , decision making and listening skills. *This


can be an integrative activity ( science) with the Earth as a safe planet on each contact


line. ( walk , hop, jog, gallop , run.) .* It is their job to avoid touching other meteors by


changing their movement patterns.( stopping , turning, change speeds).


Alternatives :* Chose a student as a “monster” to deter the movement patterns. Add more


difficult skills , such as side sliding , jumping or leaping .











Content : Co-operation , pathways , safety , locomotor skills , integration, listening skills

Equipment : None




Recipe . It is best to keep the students in the same formation to not only save time, but


also with help in the total control of the class without losing any momentum. This is


suggested in the next activity called , Earth Ball .



EARTH BALL .* Arrange the class in a square formation.* Place a Kin Ball or large


beach ball in the middle of the quadrant.* Furnish each student with some type of safe


equipment ( volleyball, soccer, plastic ball, wiffle ball , nerf ball ).* This can be an


integrative ( science ) activity by naming each line after a planet. The Kin Ball is the


Moon.* The ball(s) are the meteors. On  a signal , the students throw the balls at the


Moon , trying to knock it past any of the three other planets lines.* NO ball may be


thrown in front of the contact line(s) .* Any ball in the middle must be returned by a


designated leader /student .* Mention that the least number of  planet “strikes” is what is


expected.* Also, the Moon can’t be touched by another student , which results in a planet




Alternatives: *The 3rd graders can work on team work by passing the ball to another


student , who has a better angle to throw the meteor for a knock away .* Practice rolling


the ball along with throwing technique . *The kindergarten group should mostly work on


rolling skills. Change the type of ball to a ,plastic ,weighted Santa for Holiday fun. In this


case, the Santa that ends up closer to the contact line would be a strike .* Instead of

scores,use a cartoon word, such as “grinched” for better understanding .Make the contact


lines closer.


Recipe. Using the same format in the square formation can enhance a tagging and


running activity , called Switcheroo. Always have another activity for one that may not


work. In this way, there is no time lost and the momentum hasn’t waned.



Content : Co-operation , manipulative skills , work together , integration

Equipment : Kin ball , large beach ball , volleyballs , soccer balls ,Gator balls ,foam balls



SWITCHEROO.* Give the students(team) names , which will move them all together to


run to the opposite side of the floor.* Chose one of the four groups to be taggers in the


middle of the area.* When a team name is called , the other two groups wait their turn as


soon as the first group arrives to the opposite contact line.* Call a new name each time ,


and after all have a turn , choose another team to be the taggers.* If tagged , that student


restarts and tries again . * The students are arranged in a square formation on one side of


the half court line.


Alternatives: This will make for a Holiday activity by establishing seasonal names: Santa,


elves , reindeer , grinch ; bats, witch, skeleton , pumpkin ; eggs, bunny, basket, candy ;


turkey, mashed potatoes, Mayflower, pumpkin pie .


*Change the locomotor skills each turn ( slide, hop , gallop). Make the contact lines





Content : Co-operation , work together ,pathways ,aerobic endurance

Equipment : None



CARD SHARKS .* The students are in free space scattered around the gym area.* Give


each student one playing card .* On a signal , they will have the options to either run and


chase /tag or run away from all the other students. *If tagged , those students switch


cards.* This process will continue for 30 seconds. *At that point, call out a card that was


chosen from the playing card deck . *It can be face cards ,  red or black color , and odds


or even numbers. * All students who have the assigned card scores one point. *This is an


integrative activity(math) and( language arts).



Alternatives :*Add decision making skills after each turn by asking if the players want to


switch cards before the assigned card is mentioned.


Content : Co-operation , pathways ,follow directions , listening skills

Equipment : Playing cards , index cards



SHOW ME THE MONEY .  *Hand out play money to each student with small


denominations .( 5 ,10 , 25, 50 , dollar) .* Chose 2-3 students to be taggers . The other


students are in free space scattered around the gym area.* The taggers can be a runner if


their denomination adds up to one dollar.* Chose new taggers each time the dollar total is


maintained.* Any student who gives up there money during  a tag may take another one


from a designated bank(box).* Also, any student who keeps the money each time may


take money from the box.( covered)* At the end of the activity , the money is added for


MATH integration . *The teacher or other students will help with the money count .



Variations :* Change the size of the space . Add more taggers .*Use different types of


locomotor skills .


Content : Co-operation , pathways , integration , safety , locomotor skills

Equipment : Play money , index cards , cardboard box


Recipe. If there are special needs students , they can be bankers . If they are unable to run

, a scooter can be used for propulsion in a safe atmosphere.



YOUR IN THE NEWS *. Give each student a  newspaper page that is placed on the floor


·         Use locomotor skills to provide movement around ,beside , or over the newspaper .

·          Include integration in language arts to enhance the learning process.* Call out the first letter(s) of the skill. (h-hop ; s-skip ; j-jump; r-run; w-walk; l-leap; g-gallop; sl-slide)

*They will have to read the words from the newspaper , then perform that skill along


with the preposition(3-4th grade) .* Change the letters often and the directional patterns.



Alternatives. *Ask the students to pick up their papers and place it across their body.


*Challenge them to run without losing the paper or ever touching it before it drops.*Place


the folded paper on assigned body parts for recognition of muscles or bones.* Place the


folded paper between the knees for a tag game.



Content : Co-operation , integration , pathways , follow directions

Equipment : Newspapers



Band Aid. * The students are arranged in a scattered formation  on the basketball court


inside marked traffic cones as boundaries. * Choose everybody to act as It’s . * Designate


safe places to be tagged or on assigned body parts. * If tagged , the student will place a


hand over that area like a band-aid * If tagged again , place the other hand on the tagged


body part .* On the third tag , the student leaves the area behind the traffic cones to an


assigned hospital area * After pulling off the band-aids they return to the action to repeat


the previous rules of tagging.



Alternatives :* Choose 2-3 taggers . *Change the size of the area . After three tags , they


join the taggers . *Change the type of locomotor skill each new turn .



Content . Co-operation , work together , safety awareness, locomotor skills


Equipment : Traffic cones




Freeze Frame . * The students are arranged in six different groups behind a designated


starting line * Arrange six different pieces of equipment about 10 feet away  in  a safe


area away from the other five stations . * The students will practice previously learned


skills in the gymnastics unit . * Play upbeat music during the activity * Here is the list of


activities :

  • Jump on and off a side horse or folded mats
  • Crawl under traffic cones , which have broken hoops(3) inserted into them ,place a tumbling mat for safety as they crawl
  • Jump on each side of a low balance beam
  • Jump in and out of six hula hoops placed on the floor in a zig-zag formation
  • Log roll over a tumbling mat
  • Hurdle over a folded tumbling mat ( fold one side under into a “ ^ “ )


*After the skills are practiced , it is repeated back to the original starting line . * Switch


places after each turn * Repeat the activity , play the music and then turn it off , trying to


freeze the students in the  skills . * If there is movement after the music , all the students


who were caught moving accumulate one “ freezie” .


Alternatives :* Change the type of movement exploration at each place . Don’t freeze the


action , instead challenge them to do the skills correctly ( who never knocked over the


mat ? never touched the cones or hoops ? never touched the balance beam ? or landed


correctly ? )



Content . Co-operation , work together , listening skills, self testing skills , movement exploration , safety awareness


Equipment : Tumbling mats , traffic cones, hula hoops , low balance beam , crash mat landing for the side horse , Music CD



Repeat . * Arrange the students on designated lines facing each other with  a partner that


is directly across  from each other about 30 feet away . * Choose a skill or task for each 


partner to perform . * Choose all players from one line to run to their partner , high five


and return * Once the partner gets back to their starting line , the other partner repeats the


action .* Time the partners to complete the task or skill * Repeat to beat a previous


performance *


Alternatives *: Choose a new skill each time – low five , high five and low five , or side to


side , feet to feet [sit down].* Change the distance between lines . Exchange new partners


often .* Use different locomotor skills.


Content : Co-operation , team work , locomotor skills, safety awareness


Equipment : None



Laundry Tag * The students are in  a scattered formation on the gym floor between


designated traffic cones * Give each of the students   3 clothespins  to attach on their shirt


or pockets and clothes  in  a safe place away from their face or feet * On a signal ,


everybody is IT , and they  will try to take off the clothespins*  If the clothespin is stolen, 


it is placed on the clothes of the person who stole it . * When all the clothespins have


been dislodged , that person goes to the sideline and takes one extra clothespin to re-enter


 the game . * After each turn , they will count the number of clothespins on their clothes *


 *Repeat for  a better performance .


Alternatives :* Play in teams of two groups .* Divide the groups with those who wear the


clothespins and ones that don’t .* Count the number of clothespins each time. *Switch


places often * Choose 2-3 taggers to dislodge the clothespins. Change the size of the area.



Content : Co-operation , team work, manipulative skills , safety awareness


Equipment : Clothespins , traffic cones


Battleship .  * The students are aligned on each side of the half court line of the


basketball court in  a scattered formation .* Place cones at each corner to designate the


playing area. * Give each group 4-5 bean bags  and an assigned number . * On a signal


,they will slide the bean bag over the other groups area past mid court. * The opposing


group will try to stop the bean bag , and then return the bean bag over the middle line .


Any bean bag that lands over the sideline or past the cones is out of play * On another


signal or whistle , the play stops . * Call out a number . * If a player is standing near the


bean bag with an arms length distance , and the number corresponds with the one the


teacher called out , then the other team scores . *If the number isn’t correct , then no


score will apply .


Alternatives :* Add more bean bags . Call out more than one number . No bean bags will


count if they slide after the whistle. *Choose one player to stand behind the end line to


catch a bean bag, which will set free any battleship hits. *The hits aren’t body hits, but


those within arms distance.



Content . Co-operation, teamwork , manipulative skills , safety awareness


Equipment :  Bean bags , traffic cones



Steal the coconuts . * Place four cones at each corner on one side of the basketball court *

Place a ball inside a hula hoop at each corner(coconuts) * Choose one guard in front of

each hula hoop * In the center of the area , place all the students on an island that is a


large circle made of stretched out jump ropes * On a given signal , the “islanders” will try

to steal the coconut , and return to the island . * If tagged , they are placed in an Island

jail off to one sideline. * They may return to the game if the coconut is given to them *
The ”islander may be tagged on the way to the jail . * Only one islander may be set free

at a time . * The guard may not touch the coconut * If the guard enters the hula hoop , a
new guard is chosen * After each turn , exchange guards.


Alternatives :* Choose more guards .* Make more than one hoop at each corner . Change

to locomotor or non-locomotor skills . For example , if tagged , the islander must sway

like  a palm tree .


Content : Co-operation, work together , locomotor and non-locomotor skills ., safety awareness


Equipment : Play balls , volleyballs, soccer balls, traffic cones, hula hoops