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The biggest difference between competitive and cooperative games  is the elimination


factor .  In cooperative activities , the students increase self esteem , are supportive with


others , worry less about failure and allows everybody to succeed . The main concern


isn’t elimination , but the desire to build respect  while working together to play just for


the fun of it .


Whisper – The students are arranged in personal space, and on a signal, move in any safe


direction  whispering (team, team, team ) .* Call out a math number(5+2) , which the


students must correctly maintain in small groups  in various positions ( sitting , kneeling,


back to back, etc.) * Any student left without a group is challenged  with an exercise or


task .* Call out new math numbers each time .


Content : Co-operation , integration , locomotor skills

Equipment :  None


Elbow tag –* Choose 2-3 taggers to be It .* On a signal , the students safely run away


from the taggers .* If tagged , they must hook elbows with one of the It’s . Only the ends


may tag .* Play until there are 2-3 players , who will restart the activity .* As  a variation 


change the size of the area or add /subtract the number of taggers .* Use rip tags instead


of a hand tag


Content : Co-operation , locomotor skills , aerobic endurance

Equipment : Rip tags and belts , strips of cloth or tube socks in back pockets


Circle Chase –* Arrange the students in small circles of 6-8 players .* Choose one person


to be the runner , who starts in the middle of the circle while the chaser starts outside of


the circle .* The circle “guards “ are locked (wrist to wrist) and may move in any circular


direction.* If the arms are raised , the runner goes under the arms of the circle players


while the chaser tries to tag the runner.* If tagged , the players change positions .


*Choose new runners and chasers often .


Content : Co-operation , safety , agility , decision making skills

Equipment : None


Locomotion - * The students are aligned in groups of five in line formation with either


hands on shoulders or at waist level .* Place a traffic cone in front of the groups about


twenty feet away .* Their job is to circle the cone without losing their grip .* Set a time


limit for each group and repeat to beat a previous performance.* As  a variation , use


game jerseys instead of body contact .* Or make the distance shorter or longer.


Content : Co-operation , directional skills , safety

Equipment : Game jerseys , traffic cones


Musical Hoops –* Place one colored hoop in front of each student who are in a circle


formation about arms length apart .* Play upbeat music to move the students around the


circle .* When the music stops , call out a color , and that student who is behind that color


must jump in and out five times .* This will provide a task to re-enter the game without


any elimination .* As a variation , take one hoop away each time without calling a color .


*Any student without a hoop may join another student at their hoop . At each turn , take


one hoop away .* When there are five hoops remaining , all students must be touching


some part of the hoop ( hands, arms, elbows , feet )* Use circled jump ropes instead of




Content : Co-operation , agility , decision making skills

Equipment : Hula hoops , Music (CD) , jump ropes


Driving School - * The students are arranged with a partner with one partner inside a


hoop and the other holding the hoop at waist level .* The front person is blindfolded with


a mask or eyes closed .* The back seat driver must guide the front person around the


floor and traffic cones without bumping into another group .* The verbal commands or


controlling the hoop will guide their cars safely throughout the area.* Change positions


often and other partners .* Use traffic cones as obstacles


Content : Co-operation , trust , pathway avoidance , listening skills , teamwork

Equipment: Hulu hoops , cones



Popcorn –* Arrange the class into a large circle  about arms length apart . This will be the


frying pan to make popcorn .* Use cooking instructions for the students to simulate the


 final product of making popcorn :

  1. The pan is hot – hop on one foot
  2. Adding oil – hop on two feet
  3. Turn up the heat – jump in any direction
  4. Kernels – flap arms up and down
  5. Popcorn – jump high in the air


*As a variation , add more cooking commands ,such as butter ( hot feet sizzling) and caramel ( two students sticking together ) .


Content : Co-operation, listening skills

Equipment : None



Balloon Bopp –* Arrange the students in 5-8 small circles with one balloon for each


group.* On  a signal  or music( Up ,Up and Away ) , they will try to keep the balloon


afloat using any body part.* But, the students must hook elbows or hold wrists for each


successful volley.*  As a variation , use different types equipment (  beach ball ,


volleyball or plastic ball ) .* Use spelling lists or math problems for volley skills


Content : Co-operation , team work , manipulative skills , integration

Equipment : Helium balloons, beach ball , plastic balls , volleyball trainer ,Music CD


In the News –* Hand out a folder newspaper between partners .  Arrange traffic cones


throughout the area as turning lines .* The newspaper is placed between the partners on


designated body parts ( elbow, hip, back , shoulder , knee ) .* Travel to different cones


without losing control of the newspaper .*  Utilize  safe  pathways and directional


patterns to provide cooperation and following directions .


Content : Co-operation , teamwork , pathway avoidance ,follow directional patterns

Equipment : Newspaper , traffic cones


Jingle Ball –* Give each student a ball or one between two partners . Use dribbling skills


to make a musical , Christmas selection ( Jingle Bells ) .* Establish the following a                     


pattern to make the progression successful .( dribble fast three times with the right hand ,


 repeat with the left hand , and then one very fast .)* Repeat several times to complete a


 class rendition of a famous Christmas classic.* As  variation , with one ball between


partners , the ball is handed to the partner each time to conclusion .


Content : Co-operation , manipulative skills , teamwork , listening /follow directions

Equipment : Basketballs , soccer balls ,volleyballs


Spinning Hoops – * The students are arranged with partners and one hoop . One partner


spins the hoop .* Establish various tasks to be performed before the hoop stops . ( balance


on one foot , ten jumping jacks , five curl –ups, ten hops , five crab kicks ) .* As a


variation , place a piece of equipment near each hoop ( basketball , jump rope, Frisbee,


deck ring, beach ball , balloon , etc. ).* Establish  a task to be performed  before the hoop


stops rotating .* After each turn , move to  a new hoop and equipment.


Content : Co-operation , teamwork, manipulative skills , safety awareness , balance skills, aerobic endurance

Equipment : Hula hoops , jump rope , Frisbee , deck ring, balloon


Countdown –*Arrange the class with  partners about arms length apart* Establish a


countdown sequence ( 10 –1 ) ,which all partners must perform  before the time expires *

Call out different body parts ( elbow to elbow , knee to knee , etc. ) and when the


countdown starts they all mix to find a new partner.* All partners should be in position


before the countdown ends . * Call out  a  new body  part each time . * Challenge them to


beat a previously timed performance.


Content : Co-operation , teamwork , directional skills , pathway avoidance ,safety

Equipment : None






Gotcha –* Arrange the class into  (6-8) small circles.* Choose one person  to be” It” with


one ball .* Throw the ball safely to any person in the circle .* A” Gotcha” is when the


leader feigns tossing the ball to a person .* If that person attempts to catch the ball , and


moves their arms , constitutes changing positions with It. * As  a variation , use different


types of equipment and the method of tossing ( rolling, one bounce , no bounce )


Content : Co-operation , manipulative skills

Equipment : Plastic ball , wiffle ball , volleyball , soccer ball


Circus Cage  –* The class is arranged in small circles with one ball .* Their legs should


be shoulder width apart . *Start the activity by slapping the ball around the cage of


circled players , who attempt to block the ball from leaving the circle . No ball may be


caught , only slapped away . Any ball( circus animal) that leaves the circle is replaced


quickly before the ring master stops the action .


Content : Co-operation , teamwork , manipulative skills

Equipment : Plastic safety ball, foam or Gator balls





Throw in the towel –* Hand out one beach towel or towel between two partners. 

.Another partner group is arranged a few feet away .* Place one ball on a towel ,which is 

tossed into the other group’s towel .* Each group tries to toss the ball back and forth


trying to spell a word , alphabet or math problem.* As a variation , exchange partner


groups for more variety and cooperation .* Change the distance between partners .* Use a


different type of equipment.


Content : Co-operation , teamwork, manipulative skills  , integration

Equipment : Beach towels , blankets , bath towels , sheets