It has come to my conclusion that we must involve and inform the parents and community what we really do in PE class. It is so difficult to accomplish this task in which the students only meet once  a week for 30-40 minutes of instruction. One of the ways is to make a fitness calendar with these tasks included with homemade equipment . In this way , there can be creativity , fitness and an understanding what is done at school.
Alwyays look for ideas and equipment around the house and adapt it to the skills and activities learned in PE class. This means look for items that are usually thrown away and use scenarios of everyday life to coordinate all activities. Here are some examples :
   SCENARIO #1 - each new year the phone company pus out directories that are hundreds of pages and 5 inches thick. Don't use it as a doorstop , ask for any extras ? Use these books as weights to be used in various lifting positions.
   SCENARIO #2 - the same process can be accomplished with milk jugs by filling them with water or sand. They will be easier to handle with a bit of a mess with mistakes !
   SCENARIO #3 - don't throw away those soda pop cans just yet ! These can be used as bowling pins by stacking them in  apyramid shape from the following..3 on bottom , then two and finally the last one on top. Any small ball or object can be used but to make it more fun try using a piece of fruit like an orange. This reason can be mentioned to integrate nutrional benefits. Plus , look on the soda pop cans for daily requirements . Please take any opportunity to use this time to integrate.
   SCENARIO#4 - many times when doing a computer project and it just doesn't come out correctly, try folding that problem into  a paper wad . It is  a safe object to toss and by adding a little tape makes it stronger and easier to manuever. Place a waste basket or laundry basket at different distances and have  a contest . Maybe a quick reminder on proper throwing techniques will add to the learning process.
   SCENARIO#5 - use those discarded car tires for  a tug of war contest with one on one or couple arrangements. Or tie it on  a tree with arope for throwing tasks. Assemble a whole bunch and you ahve an agility trail like the big time footballers do? AS a sidelight roll the tire for speed and repeat to better the previous score.
   SCENARIO#6- we all love coffee, maybe not , but save the coffee cans. I remember years ago, as an incentive, we placed money(change) in the can for one year to save for a vacation. Did you ever try to lift the can ? This makes a great weight system and also includes a math integration for counting the money ! If you get creative pour the contents on the floor and have a conteat who can gather up the most coins. For example , place the coins in front of the family a safe distance away( game room/family room) and divide the teams as follows:
1. MOM gets the quarters
2. Dad gets the dimes
3. Sibling gets the nickels
4. Sibling gets the pennies
5. Near realtive or friend gets anything else left from the can
And don't forget that there should be paper rolls for the coins to be placed. makes for a fun family game and then count the money. Hope that it pays for the tolls or hotel room the first night!
   SCENARIO #7 Does anybody like golf? Or can you find or purchase plastic golf tubes? These can be used as javelins , balancing skills or placed on objects to jump over( cones , stacked cans , books, etc.)
   SCENARIO # 8 - get out that daily newspaper and give one sheet to each partcipant. Call out some locomotor letters to transfer into moving skills around the paper as follows( L=leap , S= skip , R= run , S= skip , B= bounce , etc.) This will enhance the reading skills and intergarte with language arts. As an alternative place the paper on the body and run with it to keep it stuck on the body . When done with the paper , "ball" it up and practice a safe toss in any trash can.
   SCENARIO#9 - at your next birthday party use those balloons for some neat party games . The helium type are the best as they float easier. Place numbers or letters to include the number of hits( volley the ABC'S or 1-16 off all body parts . ) Take the streamers from the party decorations( 2 persons hold it taut) and play balloon volleyball over it. For more of a challenge change the height and/or move around to increase more hits from different people.
   SCENARIO #10 -Don't ever throw out those old bed sheets or beach towels. These will serve as great retrievers of ball tosses that can be flipped from one towel to the other. The bed sheets make great parachute adaptions.
   SCENARIO #11 - Don't be appalled by using plungers(not used) , which cost 1.00 at the Dollar Store . These can be utilized for ski poles on scooters for Winter Olympic skills and for makeshift goals. All you have to do is place a golf tume on top stuck with DUCT TAPE and there you have it.
   SCENARIO #12 - try those old bike tubes for makeshift dyna bands for warm up exercises. Place them on the floor and they make perfect objects to toss for eye/hand coordination.
   SCENARIO #13- use  dryer sheets(used) for juggling skills
   SCENARIO #14 - how about trying some small, plastic golf balls for throw and catch skills(safely) or put numbers on them. Toss the balls in front of the groups , assign them a number and they must retreive the ball they were assigned.As an alternative place letters on the ball and spell out  a word the fastest in the groups. Ask the classroom teacher for the spelling list . Great for integration activities.
   SCENARIO #15- don't throw away those 2 liter soda/pop containers. They make bowling pins and a substitute for traffic cones.
   SCENARIO #16- don't forget to go to your favorite hardware store like Home Depot. Use the plunger as a teeball base. Place insulation foam with duct tape on top of the plunger. This makes a great tee ball stand.

SCENARIO #17- Don't you just love it when your special package comes with thousands of "peanut" , foam material. Well, I think that nothing should be thrown away. Sometimes, these miniature peanuts come in different colors. If not a magic marker can easily do the job. Make up 4-6 different colors and toss the peanuts in front of the groups . Assign  a different color for each group or person .On  asignal "steal" as many of the assigned color , take it back to a container and repeat the process . maybe a good idea is to have small boxes that can be put back to the origonal box for easy departure into the garbage.
   SCENARIO #18 - what about those bottle caps from the 2 liter soda  pop containers. This can be used to determine teams or groups by placing a number inside the cap . good for math integration , too.
   SCENARIO #19- please don't throw away those six-pack plastic inserts that come on top of the soda cans. Great toss objects like a frisbee and safe to use in the house. If you gather a "bunch" of them just tie together with twist ties and then you'll have a makeshift volleyball net for balloons or very soft=type balls. ( cloth cover with a balloon insert)
   SCENARIO #20- depending on what type of Pizza chain you like ( not leaking oil) , use the circular. cardboard disc as a makeshift frisbee to toss ot throw into an object. The object may be an old bed sheet with large holes for points.
   SCENARIO #21 : Recently , I received a package from my Verizon phone dealer that came in a cardboard box filled with PactivAir 3000 air cushioning material . It is an air tight bag that can be used for a foot smash activity like balloons. After wards , after it breaks place water in it to be used in the frig for a makeshift ice pack. Seal it with the duct tape of your choice.(1-800-557-2284) Give them acall and maybe you'll get some freebies.