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TURKEY TAG- give half the students a rip flag belt with a turkey (feather), a rip flag. Half the students are Pilgrims and the other half are Turkeys. The Pilgrims have no rip belts and try to steal the feathers. If stolen return to the Turkey Pen and put on another. Reverse roles after a time limit.

TURKEY TROT: Align the class into four area on the half court facing each other on the four lines. Give each group a name( turkeys, Pilgrims , mashed potatoes , stuffing). Chose one group to be taggers in the middle. One group when called runs to the opposite side and repeat the process until all have run and have a chance to be taggers . If tagged go back to their starting area. If not tagged stay there until called to return to their starting line.

TURKEY PUSH- place a plastic or blow up turkey on a tumbling mat(folded) for the students to push to a designated line for a time limit. Divide the other half of the group to push the mat back. Repeat until the time expires. The groups are arranged into teams of 6-8 lines facing a contact line with hands only on the
tumbling mat. When the first group(2-4 students) push the mat to a contact line they switch with their teammates who are waiting about 30 feet apart.

Purchase a rubber chicken/turkey for each of
four groups that are arranged one behind the
other. The object is to run as a group in file
formation with the first person tossing the
turkey over the head in which the next person
must catch and repeat the process. After the
toss go to the end of the line . The groups will
try to accomplish the tasks of never dropping
the object and counting the number of laps
around the gym.

Volley a balloon with a turkey picture or one drawn with a magic marker.....spell Thanksgiving with each letter a volley

Get a bedsheet with a turkey drawn on it with an opening . This is where the turkey will be stuffed by throwing safe objects into it.

Establish a turkey(feather) toss using bean bags thrown into a container(hoop, box,milk crate, etc.)

Turkey Toss- place the group in a circle formation in which the lead person is holding a  rubber turkey or fascimile to hand off to the next person . Count the number of rotations .

NOTE : Establish a time limit then switch positions and repeat to better  aprevious score or time.