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1.. Scour the Internet for curriculum and best practices among schools
and teachers .
2.. Join as many discussion groups as available and participate twice
as much
3.. Go to state conventions and workshops.
4.. Volunteer for everything and do what is not asked of you - JUST DO
5.. Integrate with other core subject areas
6.. Make technology your best pics , slideshows, Smart
Board , homepages, links, applications, tech websites
7.. Search the NET and ads , etc., for every possible link and follow
those links to more links
8.. Investigate TV , newspapers , movies , radio and all media for
9.. Keep a notepad with you so you can write your ideas as you drive
by billboards , signs , ads and look to the community for ideas
10.. When other people are sleeping , keep one step ahead , and use =
that time to get the "the early bird gets the worm syndrome."
11.. Make each student feel special and do all you can to make their
lives meaningful
12.. Never complain - nobody will listen
13.. Learning never stops- enrich or develop a "new path that is least
14.. Use homemade equipment to show creativity
15.. Always be energetic and enthusiastic - we are actors , let your
hair down and try anything , once.
16.. Don't be afraid to fail - not ever trying is worse than failing
17.. Help classroom teachers understand what (you) are doing- use
their expertise and use it , it will win them over
18.. Make friends of the community , parents and administration- but =
do it truthfully - be yourself
19.. The janitor may be your best ally
20.. Write your thoughts in a diary , or weblog , it helps keep your
feet on the ground
21.. Scan the newspapers for any avialbale opportunity to advance your
career and share what you know
22.. It is an absolute must - always be organized , plan appropriate
23.. Have a suggestion box - ask what the students like to do
24.. Be visible(bus , cafeteria , hallways , library) , extend
your hand to each student that passes(gimme five)
25.. Keep abreast of all new trends in our craft
26.. Have the ability to move large groups without any down time- keep
it moving
27.. Listen to the students - be aware of their body language- you
will know when they have to use the restroom , when they tire or ward
off possible trouble
28.. Explain why you are doing things( heart rate , fitness testing , =
29.. Check each area for safety concerns
30.. Have fun ! Participate with them
31.. Don't keep score and keep competition with individual improvement
32.. Have a GYM SHOW to showcase what you do in your classes to the
33.. Realize the fact the students are a captive audience and hang on
your every word
34.. Keep records for assessment - that way the parents will know and
authorize grades
35.. Adapt the area , equipment and rules according to each classes
36.. Be aware of special needs students and how to integrate and make
them comfortable with the rest of the class
37.. Don't look for trouble it will find you
38.. Use duty schedule time to find out what makes the students"tick"
39.. Don't use too may rewards - they will forget what they did and it
loses meaning
40.. Be computer literate - share with other teachers - they will come
to respect your ability to be a real teacher.
41.. Communicate with other teachers through instant messaging and
42.. Learn the grant writing process
43.. Be careful of the "lunch room" gossip and stay away from
44.. Seek out other teachers with a positive outlook and don't be
afraid to talk about (your) concerns about education or home
45.. We are with students for (7) hours and since (we) are there -
make it special and appropriate-
46.. Develop as many homepages as possible, learn html , programming
and functions
47.. Look for everything free - there are a thousand sites that offer
gifts and equipment
48.. Listen , you will learn , participate and you will grow
49.. Write articles for the daily newpaper , PE journals or Internet
50.. Be patient , learn stress management , keep up with your own
health , do community work, pray or meditate for strength
I hope this has been informative and that I will be availabale to
continue to offer my views on this listerv. I will be looking for a new
job for workshops , consultations and in-service days. Of course , the
golf course awaits my wayward shots but I still feel young in heart and
mind and hope that I can be of service to all that may need assistance
in PE and technology issues. I will end with some controversial thoughts
that I have picked up over the last (5) years on this listserv:
a.. Dodgeball - never throw at a person or try to adapt that makes it
b.. Compete with self on personal improvement
c.. Not all of us are great typists - don't jeopardize a potential
message writer - don't criticze their ability to write - help them
d.. We must sell , sell ,sell our craft
e.. Sometimes we can write in CAPS - I know its shouting !
Gerry Cernicky