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Assemble the class into 5-6 groups with one balloon and Easter basket for each groups. Establish one person as the designated person to accrue an egg from an EGG basket(plastic eggs) that is placed away from the groups. Behind each group is their team egg basket. On a signal have the groups volley a balloon and the group that doesn't catch , double hit or let the balloon hit the floor wind one egg for their team . Repeat the process until (5) eggs are placed in a team basket. Make sure that no egg is taken if all members don't hit the baloon at least once .
As an alternative use different types of equipment such as a volleyball trainer, gertie ball , plastic ball , etc. Also , change the positions such as sitting , laying down , one hand hits , two hands or any designated body parts.

Arrange the class into 5-8 different groups behind a starting point( cones , frisbees, plates ,basket etc.) Toss out 5-8 different colored plastic eggs in front of the groups . Give each group a color in which they must take one egg and return it to their basket, etc. The next person goes when the gg is place din the basket. Time the class and repeat to beat  a previous attempt.

Arrange the class just like the egg search activity. Chose one person from each group to be a tagger . if the egg is stolen , it is placed in the basket but if tagged it must be placed back on the floor and the next person goes. Establish a time limit witht he winning team that has the most eggs. Chose a new tagger each time.

The class is arranged like all the previous activities. Scatter the eggs in front of each group. This time a different colored egg is chosen and the first team to collect all 5-8 designated eggs the fastest wins . As an alternative instead of going one at a time have all the students go together . Only one egg can be taken at a time , place it in the basket and repeat the process.

Arrange plastic eggs under traffic cones in ascattered formation before the clas enters the gym area. Assemble the students into teams of 6- 8 behind a contact line. Each group will have an index card witht he color of the eggs in sequential order , which is the way they must be found . (green red, orange , blue, yellow, etc.) The first person in line gently lifts the cone to check if that egg is there in the order set on an index card. If found bring the egg back and if not, replace the cone and the next person repeats the process. As an alternative , all the students may go and each has an index card with the designated color in order . In this case , there would be only three (3) colors to find to increase the chance of success. When all the eggs have been found , the team that has collected the proper order first will be deemed the winner. At this time , there should be time taken and repeated a second time to beat a previous score.

Establish four lines which will be the half court area( sidelines , half court line a nd out of bounds). Arrange the class equally on those starting lines. Give each group an esater season name such as bunnies, eggs, candy and baskets. Call one of those names to directly across to the other side. Before hand, chose one group to be the taggers .If safe , they stay on the opposite side of the floor. If tagged , they must return to the line where they first stated. Repeat the process until each group has become the taggers. As an alternative change the locomotor skill( bunny hop, jump, run , walk, slide , etc.)

Scatter the class around the gym or outside area. Give half of the students a plastic egg. On a signal the students who have no egg will try to tag those who have the egg. At this point , the egg must be given to the tagger . The object will be to try to keep the egg for a 15 second time limit. At thst point stop play and recognize all those who have an egg. Each time an egg is saved , it is on epoint each time .

Give each group the same colored eggs. Divide the students into 5-6 teams with a different colored egg form each group. Call a color to be the taggers. The egg must be shown upon tagging on a designated body part. The student tagged must report to a designated jail and stay there until he/she can volley the egg (3) times with a tennis racquet or homemade nylon/hangar racquet. After 30 seconds call a new color to be the taggers. Any students left in jail will be awarded points to  the team that has kept them in jail when time expires.