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Before the routine is finalized and performed please use this checklist to make the procedure a smooth transition :
   Assemble the class into 5-6 different groups with one team leader per group
   Map out the directional areas where the routine  will be performed
   For best performance - one half of the basketball area should work well
   Place mats strategically in areas where tumbling will be done( a wrestling mat works best)
   Work together with the group to see what skills will be performed - all skills are welcome that include tumbling , skateboard , dance and track skills
   Place all skills and diagrams on a worksheet
   Walk through the skills and diagrams and place students where they will be during the routine
1. Routine is well organized
2. Next student waiting at the spot where the previous student lands
3. Diagram has been followed
4. Creativity
5. Skills performed at an appropriate level
NUGGET: Students may use music to increase creativity. Judges are the Instructor, Principal, Classroom teacher  and other groups in the class.
It is important to place the students in the proper position ahead of time and try to land where the next student is waiting.
***** This concept is called , ADD ON, and brings the entire class together in a project that deems working together. Here are some examples:
   Bottom right corner= start (#1)
   Upper left = Next student starts(#2)
   Upper right = next student(#3)
   Middle = next student(#4)
   Lower left = next student(#5)
   Middle bottom = next student and the finish(#6)
****NUGGET = students may make up their own positions that will start and finish but must be positioned out of the way for advanced tumbling .
In the above example this may be the routine that will be chosen for a starting point :
BOTTOM RIGHT does an advanced skill towards the UPPER LEFT( round-off , 2 backhandsprings).......
UPPER LEFT goes toward UPPER RIGHT and performs (2) forward rolls and a leap(jump).....
UPPER RIGHT executes (2) cartwheels toward the center(middle student)....
MIDDLE performs a hop/step/jump track skill followed by a full turn jump......
LOWER LEFT does a handstand , roll out and a slide/chasse to BOTTOM MIDDLE...
BOTTOM MIDDLE demonstrates (3) skateboard jump/turns to the START POSITION , which is BOTTOM RIGHT...
NUGGET = remember that the skill performed ends up at the designated diagram set forth by the students routine. It must be choreographed in ashort practice session. There should be a list or rubric of skills that can be done . From there , each individual chooses a strength to be executed in the routine.
*****To make it more interesting have the students perform a different "genre" of skills so everybody gets a chance to do something different. That is , the advanced tumbler may do a skateboard skill , while the skateboarder does a basic skill , etc.
This gives the students ownnership and heightens the interest in TEAMWORK .
HERE IS A DIFFERENT VIEW ..........................


PURPLE does (3) leaps to the CENTER.......
BLACK does a round-of back roll to corner
RED does a sries of advanced tumbling skills
BROWN does a standing long jump with  a 180 turn
GREEN does a slide/chasse (2), 90 turn, and a cartwheel
BLUE does a series of skateboard turns and toe touches


#1.....runs up and jump on and off
#2.....runs jump on and off , 180 turn
#3....runs jump on and off , 180 turn , skateboard grab ankles, land

#1...runs and jumps on with stretched jump
#2...runs , jumps on , stretched jump , 180 turn
#3....runs, jumps on , stretch jump , 180 turn, skateboard grab ankles

   Run , hit bounce/ board , land in crash mat
   Run, hit board , bent leg jump , land
   Run , board , sraddle jump , land
   Run , board , 180 turn , land
   Run, jump on and off, land
   Run , board , squat through, land
   Run , board, straddle legs, land
   Run , board , straddle/half turn
   Run ,board, handspring9 advanced and older students)
NUGGET = please note that any student may drop out at any time they feel uncomfortable . The object is to complete the rubric in order without an error in form and landing( feet on ground only) student goes one after another until that skill is too difficult.
This may be done as part of a circuit or with more than one vauting horse.
***** If a bounce board(beatboard, ruether board) isn't available stack mats(2) in front of the vaulting horse.
The bottom line is to make all of this FUN . By working together , staying with the rubric of skills , making each student accountable and being creative enought to undestand that each student has something different to offer , will make this unit successful .
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