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Eight Abdominal Exercises to do With Your Stability Ball
Rest between sets
20-30 sec.
1st progression
40-45 sec.
2nd progression
45-60 sec.

Abdominal Curl
You can vary the degree of incline by repositioning the body. The closer the buttocks are to the floor, the easier it is on the abs, and the further the buttocks are from the floor, the more difficult it is for the abs.
Cue: Pull the ribs down toward the hips.

With the hip firmly pressed into the ball, think of taking the rib cage toward the hip, then lower the trunk back toward the floor with control. Anchor the feet on the wall and position the body forward for more resistance and a greater range of motion.
Cue: Ribs to hip; let the head go along for the ride.

Oblique Curl
Slightly stagger feet and rotate hips to one side. Press the lower hip into the ball. Again, the closer the buttocks are to the floor, the easier it is on the abs, and vice versa.
Cue: Think of moving the rib cage diagonally in the direction the legs are pointing (right elbow to right inner thigh).
Reverse Abdominal Curl
Press your arms into the floor and pull the pelvis toward the ribs lifting the seat off the floor.
Cue: Pelvis to ribs; keep knees stacked over the hips; lower hips with control.

Abdominal Stabilizer
Maintain your normal spinal curve by stabilizing with the abdominals. In the more intense version, more abdominal stabilization is required when the legs are lowered closer to the floor.
Cue: Keep the abs contracted as you straighten the legs.

Abdominal Roll-out
Roll the ball forward, keeping the abdominals tight without bending at the hip. Think of driving the arms through the ball as you roll back and return to the starting position.

Hip Tuck
Walk hands forward until your hips are in front of the ball. Pull your hips toward the ribcage and then return to the starting position. There is not much movement in this exercise; simply holding this position is an effective way to train the abdominals isometrically. The obliques are emphasized when one leg is lifted.
Cue: Think hips to ribs; don’t let your bottom elevate too much.

Hip Tuck and Extend
With the ball resting under the hips and thighs, pull the knees toward the chest, allowing the seat to move upward. Slowly roll the ball backward, controlling the movement with the hip flexors and abdominals as you return to the starting position.