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When responding to any adults , you must answer "yes mam" or "no sir."
Make eye contact when someone is speaking. Eyes always on him or her.
If somebody wins a game or does well, congratulate that person.
3 seconds of claps.
During discussions , respect other rstudents comments, opinions and ideas
If you win or do well , do not brag,if you lose don't show anger, instead say something nice.
If you ask  question in conversation, ask a question in return
When sneezing , coughing , etc. turn your head away from others
Don't smack your lips , tsk , roll your eyes or show disrespect with gestures.
Always say thank you when given something. No excuse for not showing appreciation.
When given something, never insult that person by making negative comments.
Surprise others by making random acts of kindness.
When marking papers, you're allowed to make an "X" and the number they got incorrect.
Always follow along when reading in class an learn to begin reading immediately on your turn.
Answer all written questions with a complete sentence.
Rewards are given and never asked for as this is rude since you should always be trying your best.
Homework will be turned in each day for each subject with no exceptions.
Transition from one subject to the other will be swift , quiet and orderly.
Make every effort to be organized as possible.
Assigned homework there will be no moaning or complaining or work will be doubled.
Follow all class protocols.
   No permission out of seat
   No speaking unless a raise of hand
You may bring a bottle of water and place on your desk.
Quickly learn the names of other teachers and greet them appropriately.
Wash hands after using the restroom and FLUSH !!!!!!!
Any visitors will be sent by two students to the front of the building.
Shake hands and tell them who you are.Give them atour of the building first.
Don't have seats in the lunch room. Exclude nobody. We are family and treat each other with respect and kindness.
If being reprimanded in school , don't look at that student.
Any qusestions about homework, call me and leave a message (one) if I'm not there.
ABC'S of etiquette
At a meal place the napkin on lap
When finished, place it on the table-no crumbling.
No elbows on the table.
Excuse your self(excuse me) for restroom break
No talking with mouthful.
After eating clean up after yourself.
Riding on a bus , will face forward. stick nothing out window , or turn around to talk.
When offered food, never take more than your fair share.
In school or field trip, if anything drops , pick it up and hand it to that person.
Approaching a door , hold the door for those that follow and stand to the side.
If somebody bumps into you, say "excuse me" and doesn't matter who is at fault.
No talking upon entering a building on a field trip.
Compliment something about the place you visit on a field trip or in asomebody's house.
During an assembly , do not speak and do not look around to get attention.
Answer any phone with the appropriate manners.
Returning from a trip shake the hands of the chaperone for taking their time with you.
On escalators stand to the right for others in a hurry.
When in line walk in single file , 2-3 feet behind that person in front.Face forward always.
Never cut line. Let it happen if being cutted and inform the teacher.
No talking during movies , don't annoy others
Don't bring food into the building
Any child bothering you , let me know , I am here to look after you and protect you.
Stand up what you believe in . Let your heart and mind guide you.
Be positive and enjoy life.
Keep everything in perspective and focus on a good life.
Live so you will have no regrets, If you want to do something , do it.Don't let fear or obstacles stand in your way.
Accept that you are going to make mistakes,learn from them and move on.
No matter what BE HONEST.
Seize the day. don't waste life.