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SANTAS SLEIGH - arrange the students into 5- 8 groups depending on the number in the class. Give each group a "police " , yellow tape that can be found at any hardware store. This plastic tape will ensure safety but a jump rope will also work. At each beginning will be the Santas with all the reindeer to follow in order holding onto the"reins'(tape).  Chose 2-3 taggers who will try to tag the last reindeer . At this point the tagger and tagged reindeer will switch places. Change new Santas after a few moments with each person moving up the reins each time. Play seasonal music for more fun .

SNOWBALL THROW - give each student a wiffleball / tennis ball or any object that rolls that pertains to a snowball. White will work best for snowballs but the color only entices more fun. On each snowball will be eother a number or letter.Have the students roll the ball forward. On a signal , they will ahve to get their own snowball and return to a designated start line. Time each student and repeat for a better time. As an alternative  have them line up with alhpabetical or numerical sequencing. Repeat for a better score. Change the type of throw . Next , place 2-3 grinches who will try to tag them before a set time limit. If caught then they switch places.

CANDY CANE RUN - divide the teams into two colors that are inherent with a candy cane(red and white) . Designate the teams with two different colors , preferably red or  white rip tags . Call out one team to chase the others.Red will have the tags and white will not. If red is called then they will try to tag the white team player(s).At this point the tag is given to that white team person. This means they switch teams. If white is called then they will try to rip off the red group.That person puts the tag on and that will constitue a team switch again.
After  a few moments count how many are on each team.

GRINCH ON THE LOOSE - place a folded mat in the center of the half court area of the b-ball court . Arrange the students on a designated start line . There will be a contact line on the other side of the floor about 30 feet apart. The Grinch will hide inside the folded mat( HOME). On a signal , the grinch yells out "Who wants my presents" , the class responds"We do". All run and try to get to the other side as the Grinch leaves the Home and tags them. Add grinches each time .

TRADES and CHORES - arrange half  the class on a designated start line. The other half will be on  the contact line about 30 feet apart. Make another line about 6-8 feet away from the start line.  Chose the contact line players to hudddle up with the teacher , who will gaive them a trade or winter chore to act out. That team will walk down to the other team and perform that task to be guessed by thew start line team. Give each "guesser " a turn to get the secret chore/task. If correct , chase and tag the running team before they get back to their contact line. If wrong , they say "NO" and the next person in line guesses.
Here are some ideas / secrets:
   Shoveling snow
   Throwing snowballs
   Making  a snowman
   Making  a snow fort
   Put logs in fire place
   Sliding on ice
After five turns switch places. If tagged there are no eliminations just repeat the process.

CHRISTMAS TAG - arrange the students in a square formation on the half court line in four different teams . Name each team a different Christmas name:
Chose one group to go to the center and be the taggers. When chosen that group runs directly to the opposite side of the floor. If tagged they go back to their start line. Chose  a new tagging group each time. After each turn have them go back to where they first started.

GRINCH BLASTER - place a KINBALL or LARGE beachball in the center of four groups( see the formation in the Christmas Tag game above). Give each student a "snowball" ( a nerf ball) that they will try to hit the KINBALL and force it over to another team. The KINBALL( Grinches presents) must not be touched at any time. The group with the least Blasts( a ball that touches their line) wins!!!! Establish a team effort with players giving the ball to their team who has a better "angle" to hit the KINBALL away.Repeat the process .

SLED/ SNOWBALLS & SNOWMAN- divide half the class into two different position. The SLEDS GROUP will lineup on one sideline with Sleds(scooters).They will try to manuever their sleds from one sideline to the other. The other group is arranged on designated poly spots without being too close to one another. They will pass the snowball from person to person and then sit down. The snowball( any safe, round ball) will be rolled out to the SNOWMAN group. The person that is close to it runs back to their origonal spot and dtart the throwing process. All SNOWMEN must stay on their spots.
When the snowball is rolled all the sleds must make it back and forth before the SNOWMEN can THROW < CATCH and  SIT. The group that does this first wins each time. Switch positions after each task is completed. As an alternative change the type of throw and sled position.

SNOW FORT - arrange the students into five groups. One group will be placed in the center of the area.The other four grups wait at each FORT in four corners of the area on the half court side . The FORT can be any safe area with jump ropes(circular) , tumbling mats, cones, etc. On a signal all students try to exchange corners or FORTS. There will be 3-4 students  per group. Any class with more students waits on a designated area for entry into the game. The group that has no fort goes to the restraining/designated area and is replaced by the waiting group. NOTE: the center group must find a FORT. Give a signal when to switch like 5-4-3-2-1 blast-off. All studets must stay attached by holding wrists.A break apart constitutes a turn in the center or restraing area.

SLED RACE - give each group an unfolded tumbling mat. Make two contact lines about 30 feet apart. Place one student on the SLED(mat) . The others will slide the Sled to the contact line. At that point, that person gets off and a new one sits on the SLED. Repeat the process until all had a turn to be on the SLED  . Keep track of times and repeat to better the previous performance.