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Here are some of the things I have used in the past with the thought that I would adapt each year:
HALLOWEEN RUN =place the class in a square formation using the sidelines
and endlines on the half court . Give each group a name that is different
than the others. ( ghosts , ghouls , pumpkins, witches or skeltons , bats,
etc.) Chose one group in the center as taggers. Call out one group at a
time to run directly across the other side. If caught they must go back to
their original stating position. After each had a turn tell them to go back
where they stated from. Chose a new group to be IT until all had a turn.
MONSTER TAG =chose 1-2 students to be IT. The rest of the class are trick
or treaters who must run away from the taggers in the open space. If caught
those students must walk like Frankenstein and be helpers with the taggers.
Chose new taggers each time.
TRICK/TREAT establish two groups at the center line of the b-ball court
about 5-8 feet apart. There will be two contact lines , which are the
endlines behind each team . Use a frisbee or a homemade device( A pizza pie
cardboard circle) and on each side color paste an object about Halloween.
For the treat it may be candy picture. For the trick it may be a witch or
skeleton, etc.) Flip the object in the air and whatever it lands on ( TRICK
or TREAT) that group must run away from the chasers. That is , if the
designated group were TRICK , the TREATS will pursue. If caught they go to
the other group .
BOGIEMAN = chose one "bogieman" who is standing inside the midcourt jump
circle. All of the others who are 30 feet apart walk up in their favorite
monster walk saying ...moonlight, starlight , bogie man come out tonight.
the appropriate time the bogie man says {boo} which is the signal for all
return. As an alternative chose another student to roam the floor to catch
them going back. Chose new taggers each time.
HALLOWEEN GUESS =designate two groups , a chasing and a fleeing group.
fleeing group assembles on the midcourt line and "huddles" with the teacher.
He/she will tell them something about Halloween for the chasers to guess.
a signal the flee group comes down to the chase group and waits on a contact
line about 8 feet from the chasers. Each chaser gets one trun to gues the
Halloween secret. If wrong , the response is a resounding NO but if correct
they chase them back to their start line. After 5 turns switch positions.
Some guess examples are: Favorite candy , scariest monster , costume ,
Halloween song , scariest movie , least favorite treat , etc.)
STEAL THE PUMPKINS= this activity resembles capture the flag but use plastic
store bought pumpkins. Place three each off/behind the back endline. Give
each group that is arranged on their designated area behind the midline
three Halloween names( skeletons, witches, monsters) You may use rip tags
or hand tags to send those tagged back to their area. For example , if you
call the sleletons, they will try to steal the pumpkins. The witches and
mosters will be the taggers. Chose a new group each time. If tagged , that
student must go back to their area and start over. Make boundries at the
sidelines. This also sends them back to their area to start over. No
guarding permitted and no students behind the endline except the group who
are stealing the pumpkins. Most steals wins.