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During the Easter season , it is a wonderful idea to utilize any available materials to adapt , modify and create activities that will go across all content areas and , at the same time , provide experiences that are not only developmentally appropriate , but FUN !
EGG RUN - arrange the class into 4-8 different groups behind plastic egg baskets or makeshift ones such as frisbees or small cardboard boxes( have the students decorate in Art class ?) . Distribute (48) plastic eggs in front of the class about 20 -30 feet away in a scattered format. Give each group a different color that may coincide with the baskets or paint/color the makeshift baskets . On a given signal one student will try to take one egg of their color and bring it back to their basket and when the egg is in the basket , the next student goes. . Repeat the process until all the eggs are collected . Use a stop watch to time them and repeat to ry to better a previous score.
EGG EXPLORE -  arrange traffic cones or makeshift objects(frisbee, boxes,etc.) that eggs may be placed underneath and not be seen by the students. Place a different colored egg under each cone or object. The students are arranged into 4- 8 groups behind a designated line with their Easter baskets. At each basket is a color code on an index card that pertains to the eggs under the cones. That is ,on one index card may be in order ( red, green , blue , orange) which is the order of the egg that must be found . Each student will take a turn until all eggs are found in the appropriate order . Establish a time limit for each group and repeat to better a previous score. But , if an egg is not found in that order , tag the next student to find the missing egg .
As an alternative , you may want all the students to go at one time to find a particular color. For example : student #1 finds red , #2 , finds blue , #3 , finds orange , etc. Make sure to replace the cone over the egg to make the HUNT more exciting to keep the egg out of another teams view.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
EASTER EGG KEEP IT UP - arrange the students into 4- 8 groups in a circle formation about arms distance apart . Place an Easter basket behind each team at a safe distance away from the action. Give each group a helium balloon that they will have to volley as long as possible or a prescribed time limit . In the center of the area place a box of plastic eggs away from the action.The action begins with a group volley until the last team makes a mistake or keeps it up. At this point , one student takes an egg from the box and places it in their basket. If a time limit is used , then all teams that keep the balloon up wins and gets one egg. Most eggs wins. But , as an alternative here are some ideas : all students must hit the balloon at least once ; sit down and hit the balloon ; lay down and hit the balloon , use a different object such as a beachball,volley trainer oo heavier ball for more skill progression.
TENNIS BALL RUN - scatter 30 -48 tennis balls in front of 4-6 groups of students that are standing behind a designated line. On each tennis ball is a number and or a letter .  Before the activity , give the students a ball with the assugned number/ letter on it and then have them toss the ball on the floor ( roll the ball) . On a given signal , they will have to find their ball and come back to their place . Time them and repeat to better a previous score on an individual or group basis.  As an alternative , in each line , have one student go and take one ball and bring it back to a container( frisbee, basket, box, etc.) Use the letters on the ball as an integrative activity so as to spell a word from the tennis balls . The score can be used for each word spelled such as any two letter word(2 points) and any five letter word( 5 points) , etc.
STEAL THE EGG / BALL - scatter eggs or tennis balls in front of the students who are in 4-6 groups behind a designated line with containers at each group. Have each first student in line attempt to take one egg / ball . But , designate one student from each group to be a tagger to prevent the egg/ball to be taken. If tagged , then the next person goes in order and if tagged with the egg/ball , then place it back and the proces is repeated . The taggers , of course , must only tag members of the other 4 -5 teams . Most eggs/balls wins. Chose new taggers each time.
EGG TOSS - arrange the class into partners about 4-5 feet apart with one plastic egg . The students will toss the egg back and forth or roll it along the floor . Play music as they toss and when it stops , the person with the egg starts to do an assigned locomotor skill away from their partner. The other partner must also demonstrate the assigned locomotion. The "egg " person must try to get away from their partner . On a given signal , any "egg" person that can maintain an arms distance away from their parner , wins , but if the other partner can step and touch ( NOT TAG) , then that partner wins. Repeat the process and/or change new partners and locomotion.
IS IT PEPSI OR COKE ? Arrange the class into 4-6 groups or the available soda/pop cans that have been collected( Pepsi , Coke , Diet , Mountain Dew , RC Cola , etc.) . Scatter the cans carefully in front of the groups about 2-30 feet apart. The first student runs to ONE of the cans and returns and tags the next student in order. Repeat the process until all cans have been taken . After each turn , the students will start to make their house or building with the cans - this will resemble a  cup=stacking activity, but , at any time the cans fall down they must be stacked again. Either time the students for speed , or best design . As an alternative , chose one particlular brand or  a collection per group.  To add lead up rolling or bowling skills arrange the cans about 20 feet away that will be stacked according to the amount of cans available. There will be 4-6 different stacks with one person of a different  team behind the cans.  The first student rolls a ball and try to knock over the cans and if successful that person runs to a designated line and back. If the cans sren't replaced then the next person starts to run and so forth. Play stops when all the cans are replaced in order. A new person is chosen to replace the cans and a new "roller " until all have a turn to stack and roll the ball .( Look over to the sidebar on left for safety rules)



Here are some ideas to highlight student or class progress either in behavior management or character education .  Digital pictures are taken to demonstrate skill progression and placed on the bulletin board. This includes class and individual reports for each week.  For each month download clip art that pertains to that month or seasonal activity. It can be found at at the clip art link from the homepage. Then , after each class , it is colored according to their skill and behavioral exploits. For example , duriing April an EGG was chosen, In March a Shamrock , November was a Turkey , etc. Each clas could see the school progress for each class and served as an incentive to improve or be the BEST in the school.
More digital pictures were taken to demonstrate skill progression for each unit. These were both placed on the bulletin board and the school homepage found at
Also , there was inclusion of a student of the month and class of the month by downlaoding art from that highlighted individual and/or class improvements or accomplishments. It took a theme from Sports Illustrated by using the HP website and placing a photo inside the book cover. Trading cards were used to provide highlights of class PRIDE in behavioral management skills : follow directions , help others, respect , stay on task . This download art was found at the HP site under class projects and designs.
Fitness testing was used as an integration project under the auspices of the Tele-Olympics found at , a program that integrates all content areas and friendly competition in the 50 meter , 400 meter , 800 meter, long jump, running long jump and a tennis ball throw. It is in arranged in various age groups for boys and girls . The students sent e-mails and school information to the Tele-Olympics discussion group and indivvidual partcipating schools. Scores are tabulated using the meteric system , a great way to integrate math and P.E.


SPORTS ILLUSTRATED                                          RUN FOR FUN AWARD

SKILL PROGRESSION ON BULLETIN BOARD>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>         

Click on the above link to see a Movie Maker tutorial on some ways to use the dyna bands in your classes as an alternative to regular warm-up exercises. Let me know if it works.