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Here are some activites that can be used during the Easter season that uses technology and integration .

The plastic eggs were purchased at Wallmart for 1.97$ but another cloice can be a Dollar Store for 1.00$
Use Art class to make baskets , too, as this will give them ownership. The baskets were .98$ at the same store .
Tell them to carefully place the cone over the egg so the other group doesn't see the color.........
Balloons can be purchased at the Dollar Store , of helium quality , at a 1.00 $ amount for 12 balloons .
Tennis balls can be purchased at Wallmart at 4.44$ for 20 count.

The music was "burned" from the website at and used with a Disney theme with no words .
Take off  pop tops
Tape opening of drinking hole
Clean out residue with water