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BALLOON BALL : Give each person a balloon of various colors. Practice the skills that follow :
   Set up
   Partner pass
Call out the names of the skills in rapid order . The students must change on your command...set , set , bump , dig , set , dig ,bump and do so without catching the balloon . Next , place one balloon on the floor and volley the balloon while reciting the alphabet. The object is to go as far as possible without the balloon touching the floor . As an alternative have the students hit the balloon off recited(you designate) body parts without error.
Match up the students with two balloons between partners.One student tosses the balloon to the partner . The other partner hits the balloon (with his/her? balloon) while the "fielder/pitcher" tries to catch it before it hits the floor. Switch positions often , or change to new partners .
Line up all the students on a contact line with a balloon . On a signal they must hit the balloon to another line about 20-30 feeet away without losing possession . Change the type of hit each new turn .
Arrange as many traffic cones around the gym with a broken hula hoop inside for a net. The rainbow adaption serves as a guide to hit the balloon over and the cones are a boundry. The arrangement is played on the knees or tumbling mats. It may be arranged for one on one or small groups by attaching more cones beside each other. Change to new partners often .
Place an equal amount of players on each side of the net . Near a sideline place a box or container. Have the players toss or hit the ball over the net while the opposing side will try to catch it before it hits the floor. If caught the ball is placed in the box . The object is to catch more balls then the other side. Use about 8-10 different type balls for variety .Repeat the prcocess.
Set up the net and include two more nets that are attached to the center and on the b-ball rim(or standards) on each side of the court. The set up will resemble a 4 square arrangment or quadrant . Give each quadrant an article to toss over the net( game jersey , deck ring , v-ball , paper wads , balzac
ball , frisbbee , etc.) the object is to have the least amount equipment in their quadrant . Repeat the process .
Use small 6-8 feet parachutes on each side of the net with 5-6 partners holding the chute at waist level . Place a ball on each chute and try to flip it over the net . The opposing side will try to catch it before the ball hits the floor.
A large blanket can be used as the parachute . A pre-requite to the activity is to practice tossing the ball off the parachute . Give each student a number and call it as the others try to flip the ball of f the chute .The number called must catch the ball before it hits the floor .
Place one hula hoop on the floor on each side of the net . The serving team starts with a toss or serve over the net . The receiving team has 3 hits to get the ball to their partner in the hoop . That person must catch the ball for a score. Repeat with the other team serving. Change hoopplayers often.
Divide the teams into a boys and girls group with one of those playing and the other on the sideline . Start with a toss up at center court with the Kin Ball or large beach ball . The object is to hit the backboard or rim of the opposing teams side. Any ball that hits the floor goes to the other team with a free serve. If  the Kin ball hits the board/rim and is caught by an opposing player before the ball hits the floor - negates the score . A player on the scoring team may not interfere with the negation.  Switch positions often. The sideline must hit he ball to their teammates and stay behind a contact sideline.