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Basketball Activities
Arrange the class in a scattered formation with each student equipped with a b-ball . Make a boundry that is large at the start(b-ball out of bounds) . The object is to dribble with one hand and steal the ball with the other. A penalty(5 dribbles) occurs if they go over the boundry , lose control or it is stolen . The next time make the area smaller(half court) , then smaller (foul line) .

Assemble the class on all the lines on the gym floor , including the 3 point arc and volleyball lines . Chose 2-3 PAC-MEN with a different colored b-ball while all others have a b-ball . All students must stay on the lines and if tagged trade b-balls with the PAC MEN. During the activity have them change directions at the teachers calling. If a student loses the dribble , they must walk off the line and wait until they are set free from another player. Add more PAC-MEN from time to time.

Place 12-15 traffic cones around the area while all students have a b-ball . Knock down about half the cones and leave the others up. Chos ewhich team has to knock over the cones while the others pick up while dribbling the b-ball . Most cones up or down wins .

Place the students at 4-6 baskets with two b-ball at each place . The first two students in line must dribble (3) times and then touch b-balls . The first basket in wins and then challengs the next person in order. If any student wins (3) in a row , they challenge the next students at another basket . The object is to challenge as many new students and win (3) in arow at each place.

            X(player#1)        X(player #2)
            X            X
            X            X
            X            X
Place the students on the two arc circles /3 point lines on frisbees or poly spots. In between the teams place a traffic cone to differentiate the teams. There should be about 5-6 poly spots on each side of the cone . There will be two games played at once , thta is , one on each end of the court . To make it easier to check for teammates have two differnt colors of frisbees or spots .  Start the game with a two on two set up. Give the ball to any poly spot person who will pass the ball to a teammate . Any shot that is missed and is rebounded must be passed to the closest poly spot player. There  will be no stealing a dribbled ball and only three dribbles are permitted . A passed ball may be stolen , then passed to a teammate on the spots. A score goes to the opposite team to start the next play. After a few moments , the players move to the far spots and the two players closest to the cone continue play. The outside players must stay behind the arc .

Divide the class into 2 or four teams depending on the class number of students . Start a ball at one end of the a line of students . The first person must hand-off the ball and the passing continues until the person on the other end receives the ball . That person goes to a designated basket and shoots the ball into the hoop before the other person can do so. Exchange new shooters each time. For younger students change the size of the ball and place a hula hoop over the basket to shoot into instead of the regular basket. They may chose either appliance according to their ability .

Divide the class into two teams with one team  near the b-ball hoops. If there are six baskets then that will have more chances to score and shoot . The other team stands on a line and must run around the three designated bases in order (first , third and home). When the entire team runs around the bases a stop signal signifies the shooting team to count there number of total baskets. Switch positions and compare the number of baskets made. Repeat the process but for the second time have the runners dribble a b-ball instead.

Line up each of two teams on the sidlelines of the b-ball court . Chose the first four players from each team to face each other at the midcourt line. Throw two basketballs toward their designated baskets . After receiving the rolled ball , they take designated spots on the four corners of the foul line -one each on the end of the foul line and the other two at the foul blocks . The person who gets the ball passes to a teammate and the process continues until there are four passes with the last pass the shooter. If that person misses then another person shoots from there position until a shoot is made. At this point those four go to the end of the sidleline and the next four players play.
                X                     X

                X                       X

Place one group each at the four corners of the b-ball court with all players in each corner in a single file(one behind the other) . The two groups on teams are diagonal and facing each other. Give the two corners a b-ball in which they will try to knock over a bowling pin that is placed in the middle of the floor on the center jump circle. Assign baskets for shooting for each team. If the pin is knocked over those two teamd will go to their baskets and shoot until the other team knocks over the pin .( it is replaced ). At that point the shooting stops and the baskets are counted. Repeat the process .

Place a coin(quarter) between two teams facing each other. There will be 4-6 teams . They must bounce pass the b-ball and move the coin from a marked square with tape. The objesct is to knock the coin out of the square or farthest from the center of the square. Mark off two lines with tape about 6-8 feet from the taped square .

Assign the students to six baskets(or 4) with a basketball for each group at the foul line area. Place a cone or poly spot along side the free throw line . The object is to make one free throw at each basket. At this point the whole team moves to the next basket in a clockwise order. The person who makes the free throw is the rebounder for the next basket. The reason for the poly spots/cones is that there may be a clogging up with a new group moving around in order. In this case , there may be three groups at a foul line but not likely.  If that happens then have one group skip to the next basket and go back later . AS an alternative have them make a foul shot plus a lay up before they proceed to the next basket OR establish a shot clock and time them how long it takes to complete the circuit and repeat for a better score .

Arrange the class into two parallel lines about( 20-30)feet apart on designated lines(midcourt and endline). At one end of each line place a hula hoop or box with 4 basketballs. The first person picks up one ball at  a time until all 4 balls are passed to the end person. That person will shoot the last ball into a designated basket . First basket scores one point . Change new end people until all have had a turn to shoot .
All of the b-balls must be handed to each person in order and placed in the hula hoop before a shot can be taken .

DEFENSE : At each of six baskets place four poly spots or markers  at the foul line corners and under the hoop and equidistant apart. On each spot , place a student and one basketball per hoop. Chose one player to go to the center area while the othe rthree players try to pass the ball(bounce pass , chect pass , overhead pass). The center player must try to steal the ball or in touch it and the person who made the error replaces the center player. make sure to let all players try to play the DEFENSIVE position.

FOUR CORNERS : Arrange the class in the same positions as the defense game except there will be no position in the center. Start the ball at the marker closest to the hoop on the right side . That student takes a shot(lay-up or short shot) . If the shot  is made then that person moves to any of the other three positions and all players switch. If there is a miss any closest rebounder will shot from their spot and continue the switch process . The object is for all players to make a shot from all four positions. The first student to complete the courese will be the rebounder. All players will shoot together at their respective baskets. As an alternative have the students pass the ball for a few moments and when "shoot" is called that person takes a shot . A miss will determine another shooter with no switches. The first team that scores wins the point.
        X        X

        X        X   ( Game set up )
Arrange the class at each basket from 4-6 players . Chose one player from each team to start the game. The other players will be standing on poly spots and facing each other around the foul line area. The object is to score a basket before your opponent . Any ball that is rebounded must be thrown to a sideline (poly spot) player. There will be in place dribbling only and a ball may be stolen from a sideline pass. After a score the ball goes to the other team to start over. After a few moments have the players move up one place with the two starting players under the basket. As an alternative change players often for more variety to cahllenge other teams.

    X            0

    X            0

    X            0
        X    0
        (Starting players)