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   Nerf footballs
   Pinnies / game vests
   Rip tags
   Traffic cones
   Kicking tee

   Throwing and catching technique
   (check out the tips and drills from the start page)
   Place kicking and punting
   Defensive technique - mirroring and rip off skills
   Pass patterns
   Centering or snapping
   Pathways - moving in safe directions using agility and coordination skills

   Adjust rules to equipment and spatial configuration
   Adapt skills to each classes ability
   Participate in small sided games

NOTE : Practice skills utilizing one ball between two partners

   Use a rubric or task sheet for individual improvement

LEAD UP GAMES :( Check back the last week in July)
TWO PASS : Assemble the class into a scattered formation with one football between two students. After practicing throwing and catching skills have them toss the ball back and forth from about 6-8 feet away from their partner. On a signal , or designated upbeat music , the person who catches the ball last must run away from their partner within 10 seconds. On the stop signal , the points are scored as follows:
   If the chaser tags the runner then score one point
   If the runner can't be tagged or ripped off score one point
   Any bumping into another group subtracts one point (pathway practice)
As an alternative switch partners after a short time or decrease/increase the distance between partners.
TWO PASS and RUN : Place 10-14 footballs on the floor in a scattered position on the gym floor. Match up any two designated partners. On a signal , the class with their partners must run to any football and complete two successful passes. Next , they place that ball on the floor and go to another ball . Establish a 30 second time limit each time and try to beat the previous score . Exchange partners often and check to see if they are doing the proper techniques of throwing and catching .

FOOTBASEBALL : Arrange the class into two fifferent teams on each side of the midcourt line. The players are in a scattered position with one team at bat and the other in the field. Number the players equally on each side . That is , the #1 pitcher will face the #1 batter . The batter catches the ball from the pitcher . If caught , the "Batter" may place the ball on the floor or punt it and then run the bases in order. The fielders must throw the ball to the pitcher or relay the ball between players. When the ball is received by the pitcher , the runner(s) must freeze at their last place of running. Each team bats for 2-3 minutes and continue until all have pitched . Switch places every time limit.

STEAL THE BALL : Place 24 + footballs in the center area between 4-8 teams. At each area place a box or hula hoop for the footballs to be placed after it is taken from the middle area. Each player goes one at a time , places the ball in the hoop and tags the next person. The object is to take as many footballs until all are gone. As an alternative , the next time , when all the footballs are gone , then take one ball from any of the other teams. After a designated time limit count the footballs .

THREE LINE RUN : Establish three separate running lines about 15-20 feet apart . The starting , middle and finish lines are the running lines to be called in random order. The object is not to be the last person or group to the last line after a designated time limit. For example ? Call finish , start , middle , start , start , middle.........then wait and no call . The last line called will be the final line to trick the runners. This agility drill will prepare them for pass patters and defensive maneuvers.

SHADOW DRILL : The play will be different inside and out . On a sunny or partly cloudy day have the students try to step on the other players shadows shadows . Keep an individual total each time and then repeat for a better score. Inside play will be played with partners . Establish one asa runner and the other the chaser . Give a 15 second time limit to have the chaser be able to stray with the runner . After awhilw stop the action and see if the chaser can be within an arms distance with the runner . Change places and partners often.
PARTNER TOSS : Arrange the class into two separate groups on each side of the midcourt line. Place 2-3 footballs on the floor to start the activity . On the signal to start , the students pick up the ball and toss it over to the other side within the boundries , which are the sidelines of the b-ball court. Any ball that goes past that line is let out of play . The endlines are in play which has a a wall as a boundry. After the ball is received , that person must throw it to a teammate , who then throws or rolls the ball to the other side. The object is to be the group witout the most footballs .

STEAL THE BALL : The class is scattered on each side of the midcourt line with rip tags or pinnies tucked in the back. Place 3 footballs beyond each teams endline inside a hoola hoop or box. Give the class numbers from 1-3 . Call a number to leave their zone and try to steal the ball from the hoop . The othe two numbers will try to rip off the tags . IF ripped that person must go back to their zone and start over again .No person is permitted over the endline except the number called. After a ball is stolen , the passer(stolen ball) must try to throw the ball to a teammate in their zone. Any ball that is dropped stays out of the game. The first team to complete a pass wins the score point. Call new numbers each time . The sidelines are also out and that constitutes a return to the zone to start over.  As an alternative replace the ball and the first team to complete al three catches wins the points.

SCOOTER-FOOTBALL : Chose two teams with equal numbers with one in the field and the other at bat and on scooters. The scooter team starts from one sidline to the other after the football is either punted or place kicked into the field. At this point all scooter players take off back and forth. Anybody from the fielding team may receive the ball and start a passing rotation. To ensure proper distances place poly spots or frisbees in a scattered position. After the ball is caught that person sits down and the rotation continues until all have caught the ball ans sit down. If the scooter team comes back first they will win. If the fielding team completes their rotation and sit down first then they win. Switch places after each turn and the activity is completed when all have a turn to kick the ball .

Place two equally numbered teams in the following order and positions :
   One team in the field in  a scattered formation
   One team at bat under the b-ball hoop on the endline
Chose 2-4 players to place kick the ball into the field as there are no foul balls. The outfield team is equipped with rip tags or anything that hangs from the back pockets. When the ball is received that player can't be ripped off until the ball is tossed to a teammate . The other outfield players are free to be tagged by the kickers . Any ball that is thrown to the four designated players deems that ball out of play . When the ball is caught place it inside the hoop . The kickers may try to knock down or intercept the ball , too . Any person that is ripped off will stop play and the "kickers" team scores as many points as rip offs. Any interception will also count for a score. Establish a time limit for each kicking/ripping turn . Switch places often or until all have kicked and had a turn to be a receiver inside the hoop .NOTE : After the ball is received that player with the ball may not be ripped off and can't move but after the toss , that person must also run away from the kickers. Any remaining players will try to pick up a lose ball and try to toss it to their teammates in the hoops . Score an extra point for the fielders if all four (2-4) footballs can be received by the designated hoop catchers.
ACTIVITY for the week of  10/4/2001 :
Divide the class into six different and evenly numbered teams . Place all the footballs in the center area inside hoola hoops . All the students are lined up behind the hoops on one side of the midcourt lines equidistant apart. Give hte groups rip tags or vests of different colors. Place the vests in the back pocket area. Chose one person from each team to be a "ripper" who tries to rip off the vest before anothe rcolor can steal the ball . If that person is ripped off then return to the start place and the ball is reset to the hoop . If the ball is stolen then the next person in order goes , also , if any person is ripped off , too. Change new rippers each 30 seconds and the team with the least footballs loses a point each time while all other teams gain one point.
NEW ACTIVITY for the Week of 9/10/01
Arrange the class into a scattered formation equppied with gamw jerseys in pockets or rip tags of different colors( 4) . Place all the available footballs in the jump circle and then chose one person to be the quarterback from each color . The object is to throw the ball to a teammate who is outside a marked area ( cones , b-ball lines ). No ball may be caught inside that area. Any ball that is dropped is out of the game . The first teammate to catch the ball joins the origonal QB to continue the process until all have entered the jump circle . mention to the remaining players that they may intercept or knock down a pass from another team color. Also , they may rip off that person who is trying to get to the jump circle and help all the other QB'S . The last team to enter the jump circle loses one point while all others gain one. Chose a new QB each time and repeat the process .