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Researchers have ranked common abdominal exercises that measure muscle activity in the rectus abdominus , the muscle covering the front of the abdomen , and the obliques , the muscle at the sides of the abdomen:
Keep the routine intact :
   Exercises done on the floor on a mat or carpet
   Done slowly and repeated until the muscles are fatigued
   Don't pull head forward with the hands. Don't touch the chin to the chest.
   Breathing should be relaxed. Exhale when contracting the abs and starting the movement. Inhale as you return to the starting position.
1. Bicycle maneuver = lie down with lower back on the floor and hands behind the head. As you pedal the legs , touch your left elbow to the right knee , then repeat using the opposite elbow and knee .
2. Captain's chair = done from a steel frame found in most gyms . hang on the frame , supported by the forearms , then slowly lift both knees toward the chest until in  a sitting position. Then slowly lower the legs .
3. Crunch with exercise ball= the ball supports the lower back with hands beside the ears/head. Slowly lift up(shoulder blades are off the ball/pause and tighten abs) and return to the start position or the following :
   Vertical leg crunch = lie down with lower back pressed to the floor and hands behind head. Extend legs up in air with knees slightly bent and ankleds crossed . Contract abs and lift tailbone slightly off the floor.
   Long arm crunch= on back , knees bent, feet flat on floor and arms extended above head with hands clasped. Upper arms close to ears , roll shoulders off the mat.
   Reverse crunch= lower back pressed to floor,hands beside head, cross feet at ankles and lift legs until knees make a 90 degree angle. Contract abs and lift tailbone slightly off floor.
   Hover= lie face down on mat with elbows next to the chest, palms facing down. Push off the floor, raising onto toes and elbows with back flat. Hold abs tight and do for 30-60 seconds
   Exercise tubing = open a door and drape tubing over the top of the door. One hand on each side at about head height. Maintain good posture(don't lean back) , contract abs and pull down arms. Slowly lift to starting position. Shorten the tubing for more difficulty.



ROW BOAT                SIDE ROW


   Arms straight through movement , release , return
   Back straight , stomach pulled in
   Breath naturally
   Keep tubing away from face
   Take care of equipment
Here is  a link to watch the students in action using the tubing in various body positions as illustrated above. You will need the Real Player from to access the slide show that was made with the free Real Slideshow 2.0 . Click on