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to looking and feeling absolutely awesome!
1. VISUALIZE - What Do You Want
   Get a dream.
   Get a vision.
   Focus on a picture.
   Write it down.
   Let the Universe take care of the rest!
2. PASSION - Do What You Love
   Write down 3 of these activities.
   Passion and Enthusiasm are contagious.
   Say an affirmation 2 times a day. (ie: I love myself just the way I am!)
   Find 3 great things about you write them down and read them2 times a day.
   Find the positive (Find the 90% that¹s great about life and yourself!)
   Every human being does the best that they can do at that given time in their life.
   Be nervous, be scared, but channel your energies and DO IT ANYWAY!
   Be a leader, be bold, take a risk.
   Try something new.
   Take Action!
   Approach life with a positive attitude.
   Find your anger and let it go.
   Forgive yourself and others.
   Change your words - change your attitude.
   Exercise everyday - do something for your body and mind.
   Minimum 20 minutes a day.
   Do aerobic exercise 3 times a week. a. Non stop exercise using the large muscles. b. Always be able to carry on a conversation - Not breathless. c. NEVER PAINFUL.
   Do anaerobic exercise 3 times a week. a. Means ³without oxygen.³ b. Weight training and band resistance. c. Build yourself up to 3 or 4 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions. d. NO PAIN - NO GAIN ( You should feel those last sets. and last repetitions)
   Stretching a. Everyday first thing in the morning and after you exercise. b. Reduces muscle tension, promotes circulation, loosens your body and mind. c. Prevents injury. d. Stretch slowly and hold each stretch 30 to 50 seconds. (NO BOUNCING)
   Eat less fat (20% of calorie intake per food item)
   Eat less sugar.
   Eat more fiber (more fruits and vegetables)
   Eat a balanced varied diet.
   Read labels.
   Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water a day.
   Minimum of 5 minutes every day.
   Be thankful for everything you have in your life - appreciate life.
   Rejuvenate your energies.
   Breathe in slow and relax completely as you exhale. (in through the nose and out through the mouth)
   Make YOURSELF # 1.
   Make a daily goal - reward yourself.
   Make a weekly goal - reward yourself.
   Make a monthly goal - reward yourself.
   Make a 3 month goal - 6 month goal - and a year goal - reward yourself.
   Go for the long term - make a 5 year goal and reward yourself ³BIG TIME²!
   Commit to your program of healthy living, commit to yourself.
   Set realistic goals.
   Listen to your body (IT¹S ALWAYS RIGHT)
   It takes 21 days to make a habit and 30 days to become a lifestyle.


You have an incredible heart! If you are like most people, you take it totally for
granted and rely on it to sustain your life for your whole lifetime. You
probably never give it a thought until someone you know has a heart

Your heart probably beats about 65 beats per minute on average,
sometimes more with exertion.

This means that your heart beats at least 3,900 times an hour and at
least 93,6400 times a day.

This means that your heart beats at least 2,808,000 million times a month.

This means that your heart beats at least 33.7 million times a year.

Every decade your heartbeats 337 million times, give or take a few hundred
thousand beats.

By 70 years of age, your heart has beaten approximately 2 ½ billion times.

If you live to 80 years of age, add another 337 million to that.

Your heart adapts to your needs. When you exert yourself, your heart
immediately responds to the muscle demands for more oxygen and nutrients.
When you slow down, your heart naturally adjusts and slows down, too.

Your heart always takes care of you. Your heart always beats without any
conscious help or instructions from you.

If you are wise, you take care of your heart and keep it strong with exercise.
The more you exercise, the stronger your heart becomes and the easier it is for
it to meet the demands of your body. Athletes, who exercise a great deal, may
have a resting heartbeat as low a 40 beats per minute.

How much wear and tear on your heart will you save, if you lower your heart
rate by just 10%
Why wait until you have weight or health problems to finally decide it's really
time for you exercise regularly? The smart person doesn't wait too long to
make fitness a habit in their life. All the research shows it's never too late to
get the benefits of exercise, but the sooner you get committed to a fitness
program, the less you have to overcome.

If Noah had waited until it was raining, it would have been so much harder to
build the ark. It would have taken more time. It would have been an unpleasant
task in the rain. He might not have finished in time. A thousand things could
have gone wrong that couldn't be fixed. Building that ark gave Noah a lot of
exercise, too.

Jeff was a 60-year-old executive with a 50 pound Buddha belly, who thought
he didn't need to exercise. Until a heart attack scared the living daylights out
of him. He survived fortunately, but suddenly found himself having to build
that ark from scratch. No easy task at that age. To his credit, he changed his
attitude and changed his habits. He became a new man and lost 50 pounds
with exercise, so his heart didn't have to work so hard.

Make your "ark" weather the storms and last a lifetime with plenty of exercise,
sports and fun activities. Find a workout partner, if you like, who values his or
her ark sufficiently to exercise with you. Get educated about the bet ways to
keep your ark in shape, remodel it or maintain it.

Don't wait. Get busy on that ark today. You are in good company with Noah.



You are not going from the couch to the old folks home to the morgue, because
you exercise. You can avoid that end, because you are educated about your
fitness. You know how much more vital and alive you are when you exercise.

Your path is healthier, because you practice a regular fitness program.
Your path is one of choice and responsibility for your health, not the default path
to the couch by way of Burger King.
Your path is more fun, because you have the energy and stamina to participate in
the activities you enjoy.
Your path makes you strong, because you want the great quality of life strength brings you.

Every day you take a different fork in the path, when you exercise. You know that it
is easy to unconsciously go from the couch - to the old folks home - to the morgue. Just
The Rare Individual April 2, 2001

From the One Minute Fitness Coach
"Because you want a great life."

Many believe that being healthy and looking good is important, but few act
on their beliefs. Those of you who exercise are among the rare individuals
who back their talk with action.

A recent survey* of 1,200 US adults found that 97% said that "maintaining
good physical health" is their most important priority, while 91% ranked
"keeping up physical appearance" as next most important, followed by
reducing stress or having a lot of money and a good job.

Contrast those beliefs with the actions of those polled, who also said that
eating well, exercising enough and becoming more fit were less important

The survey revealed that people tended to fall into two extremes.
· 20% -primarily young, single men- reported that they do exercise for
the fun and camaraderie of it
· Less than 10% of mostly older, higher income, college-educated women
reported that they exercise to stay in shape, to
help with a medical condition, or to ward off illness.
· 13%--mostly high-income moms-- are twice as likely as the average adult
to be a member of a fitness club and exercise for their emotional
and physical well-being.
· 14 % of the out of shape, married, average-income moms hate exercising.
· 12% of those moms were undisciplined.
· 13 % of equally out of shape, married men prided themselves on not falling for the "fitness craze".

You are a rare individual and you need to acknowledge yourself for it. You walk your
talk about fitness. You may not do it perfectly, but you exercise and stay fit, which is
more than most.

You even have fun and enjoy exercise. You reap the benefits of more overall mental
energy, lower stress levels and greater physical energy. You are more outgoing and
you feel more in control of your life.

Celebrate being the rare individual who exercises with EXERCISE MADE EASY

You are more than the excuses, which you use to avoid exercise. Though you may reluctantly hold on tightly to your excuses, even secretly cherish them at times, you can free yourself from their grasp when you decide to do so. You have allowed them to control your mind and body, so you can free yourself from your excuses.

Imagine living completely free of your favorite excuses, so you can readily exercise according to the needs of your body and the desires of your heart. If you are going to be free to be physically fit, you must move beyond your excuses. They're not permanently grafted onto your brain. You can rip them away any time you choose.

Freedom from your excuses is easier than you think. It begins the moment you stop giving power to the habits and actions that form your excuses. Over ride your excuses today. Don't let your excuses restrict your life and your body, because sooner or later you will regret it.

Give your power to your passion for exercise, health and fitness. Give yourself the power to move your body. Give yourself the power to choose a pleasurable activity, then call it exercise. You have the power today to determine the fate of your exercise program.

You have the power to free yourself from your excuses.

"Stomach, you rule!" proclaimed the voice on the radio in an ad for fast food
and beer. It got my attention. That voice didn't want me deciding what was
good for me. That voice was seducing my mindless stomach to make my
decisions for me.

Although you know you should exercise, the really effective TV, radio and
print ads that bombard you could not care less about your health. "Stomach,
you rule," said it so clearly. You are a mindless object who can be manipulated.

Take charge of your life, your mind and your body now for your own best
interest. Exercise. If you don't take charge, other people will control you to
act in THEIR best interests. They know exactly what to say and do to control
your behavior. Their goals are not your best interests.

Take charge of your life, your mind and your body now. Exercise. Get active.
Move. You can win this battle so easily when you decide it is your life and your
body and you are not going to let them control you.

Take charge of your life, your mind and your body now. Learn how your mind
works. You are more than your cravings. You are smarter than the people
who appeal to your spoiled inner child.

Take charge of your life, your mind and your body now. Take back your power
to make decisions that are in your best interest. Exercise. Enjoy a sport. Go
for a walk. It's that simple.

Take charge of your life, your mind and your body now. You decide what
messages are in your best interest and listen to them. Learn how to resist
the seductive messages that undermine your health and fitness program.

Take charge with EXERCISE MADE EASY audiotapes. EXERCISE MADE
EASY gives you power over your mind and body with fast paced music and
positive messages.
Stomach, you rule!" proclaimed the voice on the radio in an ad for fast food
and beer. It got my attention. That voice didn't want me deciding what was
good for me. That voice was seducing my mindless stomach to make my
decisions for me.

Although you know you should exercise, the really effective TV, radio and
print ads that bombard you could not care less about your health. "Stomach,
you rule," said it so clearly. You are a mindless object who can be manipulated.

Take charge of your life, your mind and your body now for your own best
interest. Exercise. If you don't take charge, other people will control you to
act in THEIR best interests. They know exactly what to say and do to control
your behavior. Their goals are not your best interests.

Take charge of your life, your mind and your body now. Exercise. Get active.
Move. You can win this battle so easily when you decide it is your life and your
body and you are not going to let them control you.

Take charge of your life, your mind and your body now. Learn how your mind
works. You are more than your cravings. You are smarter than the people
who appeal to your spoiled inner child.

Take charge of your life, your mind and your body now. Take back your power
to make decisions that are in your best interest. Exercise. Enjoy a sport. Go
for a walk. It's that simple.

Take charge of your life, your mind and your body now. You decide what
messages are in your best interest and listen to them. Learn how to resist
the seductive messages that undermine your health and fitness program.

Take charge with EXERCISE MADE EASY audiotapes. EXERCISE MADE
EASY gives you power over your mind and body with fast paced music and
positive messages.

The Future Of Fitness: Trends For 2001

January 16, 2001
The future of fitness is taking a turn –- for the better! Better, bigger, faster and more dramatic, that is! Take a walk through any fitness club and you’ll see a whole new style of fitness classes and programs.
Why the change? I believe that people are looking for a more thorough, holistic approach to wellness. Instead of being concerned about just building bigger muscles and getting slimmer waistlines, today’s fitness buffs want more. They want to feel good too -- inside and out. They want their exercise to help them with everyday activities such as lifting children or putting away heavy groceries. They want to be able to do their weekend sports with more strength, skill and confidence.
In addition, fitness is reaching a greater audience. Seniors, pregnant women, people with injuries or health conditions and those who are overweight are all looking to get fit and make a change.
To meet the demands for total well-being for all ages, fitness levels and conditions, we’re seeing new trends. Some of the activities have been around for a while, but instead of just being in the elite clubs, they are more mainstream –- allowing a greater variety of people to participate.
What’s cropping up?
Group Athletic Conditioning
   Tae Bo
   Sports conditioning
   PUMP (group weight lifting)
These challenging group activities have an athletic slant that emphasize a combination of strength, balance, endurance, and coordination –- all gained in a social atmosphere.
Ethnic Dance
   Belly dancing
These dance classes have been around for a long time, but they have traditionally been found only in dance studios where the focus was on skill. Today, these classes are offered in fitness clubs with a new twist. They combine aerobic exercise and skill; social connection and rhythm; freedom of movement and inner focus.
Outdoor Pursuits
   Beach running
   Ropes courses
   Track workouts
   Rock climbing
   Sport-specific training
Not all fitness clubs are confined to the indoor gym anymore. Many are taking their classes outdoors. There are plenty of ways to combine the pleasure of the outdoors with the challenge of exercise. These activities are a great way to train your body while working amidst the elements and soaking in the beauty of nature. If you want to improve your condition for a particular sport such as skiing, this is an excellent approach.
Mind/body connection
   Tai Chi
   Martial arts
Need to slow down? Try a mental discipline that enhances physical strength and inner focus. They refresh the spirit and rejuvenate the body. These classes encourage listening to your body and working at your own pace to reduce stress, increase flexibility, strength and coordination.
Yoga for the mind, spinning for the heart, hiking for the spirit and belly dancing for the community -- exercise in 2001 builds the person’s whole being. It’s not just for fitness anymore!

You, Too, Could Live to 100 -- Or at Least 80
   Attitude. Centenarians tend to be an optimistic group. They rarely consider their age a limitation. They have dealt well with the stresses in their lives. And they take advantage of new opportunities.
   Genetics. Most people can live to age 85 if they take good care of themselves. But if most members of your family are living into their 60s and 70s, an alarm bell should go off. Disease prevention and screening, along with good health practices, can help you make up for at least some of the genetic differences between you and centenarians.
   Exercise. After age 30, we lose about 1/3 pound of muscle every year -- muscle that's replaced by fat. Through exercise, especially resistance training such as weight-lifting, you can regain muscle mass while reducing your risk of heart disease, improving your mental ability, and markedly enhancing your sense of well-being.
   Investigate new challenges. Keep your mind active with new activities to exercise different parts of your brain. Learn a new language, learn to play an instrument, write your autobiography, volunteer. Such activities develop new connections between different parts of the brain, strengthening it and preventing any deficits from showing up in everyday functioning.
   Nutrition. Keeping calorie intake under control is critical to slowing the aging process. For most people, simply cutting back on unnecessary calories a little every day -- especially sweets and other carbohydrates -- can make a big difference in weight loss. Perls also recommends taking daily supplements of vitamin E (400-800 units) and selenium (100-200 milligrams), both of which have been shown to be potent antioxidant substances that combat cell damage from so-called free radicals, thus helping to prevent cancer, stroke, and heart disease.
   Get rid of stress -- and don't smoke. Both cut years from your life and are responsible for a lot of illness.
We all can learn to manage stress better, adds Silver. Meditation, progressive muscle relaxation, creative visualization, and exercise are all great stress reducers.
For her, the answer is listening to audiobooks during the drive home. "It's always fiction, something that takes me to another world. Then I'm immediately out of the daily problems, the stresses, and off somewhere else. It clears my head of all my worries for a time," she tells WebMD. "What's really important is taking time every day to do something you really, really enjoy, something that empties your mind of all the stuff that's producing stress in your life."
Also, building a support network is important. Many centenarians lead "intergenerational lives," she says. Many never married. "When they don't have family around, they surround themselves with lots of other friends of all ages. They have personalities that draw people in. They're gregarious."
Silver is heartened by the fact that so many centenarians had excellent thinking ability:. "It very much counters all the myths and common thinking, that by the time you get to be 100, you'll be demented.
"It's true that exercising your brain is just as or more important than exercising your body," she says. "Whether you retain your thinking abilities predicts whether you're going to be able to remain independent -- much more than your physical condition. People can often compensate for physical disabilities with various devices and assistance, but if you don't have mental acuity, it's much more difficult."
Also, there's such a thing as "centenarian humor," says Silver, which boosts immunity plus keeps things in perspective. "As one 105-year-old said, 'The best thing about living to 105 is, there's no peer pressure. You don't have any peers left.'"

6 Workout Tips
That'll Save Your Shape This Winter

As temperatures tumble and daylight dwindles, you might be tempted to grab the remote and hunker down on the couch 'til spring. Trouble is, a few months of indoor inactivity will translate into less energy, mushier muscles and a wider waistline.
Staying in shape when it's cold outside may take a little more effort and a dash more creativity than other times of the year, but it's worth it. Stick with your winter workouts and -- trust us -- you'll be a lot happier when the sweaters come off and the bathing suits go on. Below we give you six great strategies to keep yourself moving while the bears and squirrels are snoozing.
Window-shop for fitness. Like to walk, but hate the cold? Hate the treadmill even more? Hundreds of shopping centers across the country cater to walking groups who do brisk indoor strolls before doors officially open for business. You burn four to eight calories per minute whether you walk indoors or out. Of course there's an added bonus -- you get a head start on pursuing the merchandise. Check with your local mall management for details on their walking clubs and services.
Go from spud to stud. Instead of vegging out while watching Who Wants to Be a Millionaire, walk on your treadmill, do some step aerobics, jump rope or jog in place. Any movement, even if it's simply doing push-ups during the commercials, is worth something. You can also turn your TV into an exercise machine by popping in a workout video instead of cartoons. (No you can't just watch the video. You actually have to do it.)
Workout with class. Check out some group classes even if you don't do them when the weather is warmer. If the basics like spinning, low impact and step don't appeal to you, consider giving more offbeat offerings like candlelight stretch, circus aerobics and yogaerobics a try. You don't have to join an expensive gym to find a group class. Many adult education programs at community centers, universities and hospitals offer classes at low or no cost.
Give yourself a lift. When it's cold outside, you probably move around less than at other times of the year. That's one of the reasons you tend to gain weight during the winter, and that's also why it's even more important to keep up your weight training routine. Doing a weight workout that involves the major muscle groups of your chest, back, legs, abs and arms not only burns about eight calories a minute, it also builds and maintains metabolism boosting muscle. No need to get fancy either; all you need is your body weight and a few dumbbells for an at-home weight workout.
Summericise your workouts,/b>. Take a break from the cold and dream of warmer days. YMCA and YWCAs and health clubs offer swim lessons, aquacise classes, aqua running, aqua stepping and lap swimming. Water sports place less strain on your joints and give you the opportunity to tone up for summer. Some sample calorie counts: A basic crawl stroke burns between 8 to 12 calories per minute and a typical 45-minute aqua running session burns about 400 calories.
If you can't beat it, enjoy it. Sure you can stay cooped up until the ice thaws, but you can also embrace the cold weather by taking up a winter sport. If sliding down a mountain with your feet strapped to two planks isn't your idea of a good time, there are other cold weather activities to consider. How about ice-skating, sledding, winter hiking and cross-country skiing? They all burn between six and ten calories per minute.
Persevere. Don't waste what you have started this year. You
may have slipped in your resolution to exercise, but you made
a start. Keep going. Persevere.

What can you learn from those times that you have slipped
that will help your persevere and rise again?
§ Did you buy into an excuse?
§ Was exercise too low a priority?
§ Did you forget your real, deeply-felt reasons for exercising?
§ Was it too inconvenient?

When you learn from the times you fall down, you can design a
better, more appropriate exercise program for yourself.

§ What do you need to do to overcome your excuses?
§ How can you make exercise a higher priority in your life?
§ Have you identified what your deeply-felt reasons are for
§ What have you done to make exercise as convenient as
possible for yourself?

Use the times you fall off the wagon to leverage your rise to
fitness glory. Experience the glory in your exercise program.

Find your glory and rise to the occasion of exercise. Persevere.
Keep up the effort. Progress, not perfection. Make the necessary
adjustments. Get up. Rise to the occasion. Turn it around. This
is the greatest day to exercise. All you have to do is exercise
today. Surprise yourself and everybody else. Persist. Strive.
Endure. Be determined to get up and do it again.

Exercise Made Easy audio tapes help you persevere, by making
it easy. You get immediate energy for exercise. The exercise
program fuses the benefits of exercise, such as energy, with your
thoughts with the physical sensations during exercise. It sets up
a mind-body positive feedback loop that drives you to exercise.

Be a winner today. Fight the battle against your excuses.
Understand that you may have to fight that battle over and
over again, until you finally "get it".

Be a winner today. Exercise, even though you say you don't
have time. Eliminate that thought. You do have time for
everything that you decide is important enough. Yes, there
are days when other things take priority over fitness. Yes,
there are at least 3 days a week when you can find 20
minutes for aerobic exercise.

Be a winner today. Fight the battle against laziness. There
is a time to relax and recuperate, just don't relax and recuperate
all the time. Get up and get started with some activity. Do
stretches. Do a warm up exercise. Go easy on yourself until
you get your energy up for more strenuous exercise.

Be a winner today. Fight the battle against "all or nothing"
thinking about fitness. Add a little more activity into your life
by taking the stairs, walking a little farther and a little faster.

Be a winner today. Fight the battle of being too serious. Make
your fitness fun, what ever that means for you. Add a favorite
sport to your life or find one, even if you think you are not
athletic. Add happy, snappy music to your activity. Begin to
think of fitness in terms of play.

Be a winner today. Fight the battle with enthusiasm. Give
thanks for being alive to fight the battle. Fight the battle so
you stay alive and have a great quality of life.

You have what it takes to change your mind, but why should you? Change your
mind in order to change your actions.

Change your mind about the excuse of not having enough time to exercise. Change
your mind and make exercise important enough to you and you will exercise. Change
your mind about any other obstacle to your fitness and you can do what it takes to
be physically fit.

Research shows that more people need to change their minds about exercise and
fitness. The US Center for Disease Control released a report yesterday that the
number of Americans who are active and exercising has unfortunately remained
stable over the last 10 years. Only about one fourth of US adults meet recommended
levels of physical activity. You keep good compnay.

According to the CDC survey, the recommendation for physical activity is:
~ moderate-intensity physical activity at least 5 times a week for 30 minutes, or
~ vigorous-intensity physical activity at least 3 times a week for 20 minutes, or
~ both during the preceding month.

Don't be foolish and overlook your body's need to exercise. Overlooking exercise
leads to obesity for many people, which leads to significant health problems, which
leads to premature death. Then it is too late to change your mind.
You have what it takes to change your mind. You are alive. You have the ability to
be active, lean and healthy. You have the skills and knowledge. All you need is to
do it. Change your mind. Be a winner and exercise today.
Change your mind today with EXERCISE MADE EASY audiotapes from

Take action today. Get up and do something active for your body. Call it exercise.
Call it play. Call it a workout. Your body will appreciate the action.

You need a strong, healthy body to support everything you do in your life. It
takes action to create one. No way around this truth. You must move your body
long enough and often enough to keep it healthy and fit. You must take action
for the sake of your body every day, just like you breathe, eat and sleep every

It feels so good to take action. Action makes you breathe more deeply, releases
accumulated stress from your body, loosens muscles, strengthens bones and
maintain flexibility. Action rebalances and harmonizes body functions. Everything
in your body works better, when you take action.

You can escape the nasty fate of the overweight and sedentary, when you take
action. Go head! Escape into action instead of TV, computer games, books or
movies. Actions like walking, roller blading, mountain climbing or tennis are
positive escapes. There are so many great escape actions from which to chose,
like softball, gardening and swimming.

Escape into action frequently enough and you might discover you have a habit
of fitness that will server you well over the years of your life. Change you thoughts,
change your attitude and your actions will change, too. Create an "escape action"
mentality and the habit is easy to acquire.


Do you ever catch yourself saying, "Yes, but." when you know you need to exercise?
· Yes, but I don't really need to. I am strong and healthy now.
· Yes, but I have work to do.
· Yes, but I don't have time.
· Yes, but I'm too tired.
· Yes, but not now. Can't you see all the other things I have to do first?

You can "yes, but." yourself into forgetting what is most important. Yes, you have important work to do. Yes, time is a problem. Yes, you are tired.

Yes, but - everything you love in your life is dependent on your body. You need your body to hug your kids, play in the sunshine, dance, make love with your partner and even work long hours.

Yes, but - your passion in life depends on having a functioning body. Your body will support your passion for work when you take care of it with enough exercise.

Yes, but - your personal freedom is dependent on your good health. Look around at the unfortunate folks who forgot to take care of their bodies. They can't go out dancing or play golf. Look at your own life. What you would miss if you were not healthy?

You can "yes, but." yourself out of exercising, if you aren't careful. It is too easy to lose sight of the fact that exercise is essential.

You can "yes, but." yourself into exercising, when you remember what is truly important to you. Exercise comes first, because you want a great life.
What can you do to make it easy to exercise? This doesn't mean that the exercise
is easy, because your body needs to be challenged to stay healthy and strong.

Make it easy on yourself means you exercise frequently because you have a
minimum of barriers to overcome. Barriers such as:
· Drive too far to get to the health club
· Change from work clothes to workout clothes and back again after a shower
· Justify your workout time to someone who criticizes you
· Arrange for childcare

Make it easy on yourself.
· Put your workout clothes by the bed and put them on soon as you get up
in the morning.
· Keep an extra set of workout clothes and/or shoes in the car for an unexpected
walk at lunch.
· Put your home exercise equipment in front of the TV or
· Purchase a small TV for viewing where you use your equipment.
· Engage important people in your life to help encourage you in your fitness program.
· Have some exercise alternatives that you enjoy at home, such as a workout video,
dance music, jump rope, weights or mini-trampoline.
· Select a health club with a convenient location
· Trade child care or split the cost of a sitter with an exercise buddy who also
needs child care to exercise, so both of you are committed to exercise
Take a look at the barriers that interfere with your exercise. Don't let them stop you.
Make it easy on yourself. You can create a practical strategy to overcome any barrier,
if you just think about it.
From the One Minute Fitness Coach
"Because you want a great life."
How many times have you fallen off your exercise program? How many times
have you let your excuses win? It does not matter, because you have the
potential to get up and exercise today.

Use your potential. Use your power. You have the capacity to overcome your
excuses today. Workout, play a sport or go for a walk. Take charge of your
health, exercise your power and get the exercise your body, mind and spirit

Exercise your potential to keep your body healthy and strong. Don't squander
today's opportunity for exercise. It will never come again and you will regret
the exercise you missed, because it just takes more effort to make it up.

You have the potential to challenge your excuses and turn them into success
everyday. Find the compelling reason to go forward and turn every excuse into

Give the power and the energy to your exercise potential, not your excuses.
Refuse to be discouraged. All you have to do is stand up one more time. That
success energizes, then enhances your self-esteem and self-confidence in all
areas of your life.

Use your potential to overcome the seductive comfort of the easy way. The easy
way may call your name, but it will ultimately leave you physically weak, tired and
living half a life. It takes good health and strength to live a great life.

Enjoy the power of your potential to be healthy and happy through exercise.


Only You are able to make the transition from thinking about exercise, reading
about it, contemplating it, saying you should exercise - to the action of doing it.

The thoughts about exercise are necessary and the words do make a difference.
Just listen to your self-talk when you tell yourself you don't have enough time to
exercise today. You can feel the motivation to exercise drain out of you as the
temptation to skip your workout grows.

Reading the One Minute Fitness Coach and keeping exercise in the front of your
mind supports your commitment to your fitness program. It counteracts the negativity
of excuses and the temptation to procrastinate.

But - Only You can get up from your desk or the couch to move your body. It is your
responsibility. No body can force you to do it. It is your choice and you need to claim
it as your responsibility.

Responsibility, which means the ability to answer back, can sound very heavy and
very parental, but it doesn't have to be that way. There is power in responsibility.
Accepting the responsibility that only you can take action to exercise means you
can also choose to be joyful about it and have fun doing it.

Get ready for fitness. Have fun and enjoy the freedom that comes with your responsibility.
This is the source of your true power, so stop fighting with yourself. Stop arguing that
you "should" workout. Joyfully accept your power to "answer back" and take the next
step to action. Design your fitness program with activities you enjoy at convenient times
and places.



Distractions can sometimes look important at first glance. It is easy to
lose sight of your priority to exercise when your attention is momentarily
captured by something else - a TV program, the laundry, a phone call.

Focus on your priorities to overcome this problem. Before you go to bed
the night before, take a minute to think about what you missed out on
today. Did your plans to exercise slip away because you got distracted?
Then put exercise at the top of the priority list for tomorrow and keep it

First item in the morning is to focus on your fitness and put it first in your
schedule. Don't approach exercise as a dull and dreary obligation.
Approach exercise with enthusiasm and joy for the wonderful benefits it
brings to your spirit, mind and body. It will energize and motivate you.

Focus on fitness as a priority to challenge yourself. Do something exciting,
fun and different with your exercise, so you can keep it a priority. Focus
on exercise as a means to your personal goal.

You and your exercise priorities are bigger than those distractions. You
can choose what is really important, instead of being controlled by those
little things that drag you away from your priorities.

Write down your priorities to be physically fit, post it where you will see it
and look at your reminder. Write down your fitness priority to increase your
commitment to exercise. Write it down and focus Don't let distractions
erode your exercise program.
Listen To Your Heart Beat

 To determine normal pulse rate
 To determine factors that cause the pulse rate to change
 To construct a graph to show variation in pulse rates
 To construct a simple stethoscope   

Materials Needed:

 pumping heart          paper towel tubes          10 funnels
 tape recorder          chart paper                4 jump ropes
 exercise tape          markers                    plastic tubing
 stethoscope            clay                          (different sizes)
 scissors               watch with second hand      


   -  Have students place their right hand over heart.  Describe what you feel?
      Using an exercise tape or record that involves body movements, allow
      students to exercise for 2-3 minutes.  Describe and compare differences
      in heart beats (orally).
   -  What is the strongest muscle in your body?  Why do you think this is so?
      The teacher will use a pumping heart to explain and demonstrate the
      function of the heart.
   -  You can listen to a heartbeat, but you have to feel a pulse.  Your pulse
      can be converted into a visual display.  Give each student some clay and
      a matchstick.  Roll a ball of clay about the size of a dime.  Stick a
      match vertically into the ball.  Place it on your wrist.  Shift it around
      until you find the spot with the strongest beat.  Describe and explain
      what you see.  

   -  Show the class a stethoscope.  What is this?  What is its function?  Let
      each child listen to his/her heartbeat.  Describe what you hear.  The
      first stethoscope was invented in 1819.  It was nothing more than a
      hollow tube.  Place the following items on a table: paper tubes, rubber
      or plastic tubing of various sizes and shapes, different size funnels,
      cut away plastic bottles, paper cups and plastic cups, clay, scissors,
      tape.  Give several students the opportunity to make a stethoscope  
      (Stethoscopes must be functional).  Were some items more appropriate than
      others?  Why?  Can you think of other items we can use?

   -  Divide class into groups of five.
      Give each group a working stethoscope; five activity cards with the
      following words: napper, jumper, walker, twister, jogger, and a watch.

   -  Each student will select an activity card and take turns exercising for 2
      or 3 minutes.  Count the heart beats for 15 seconds immediately after
      exercising.  Then multiply by 4 to find the beats per minute. (Be sure to
      listen for the 2 part sound "lub dub" that is counted as one beat. Record

                 Gr. 1       2         3        4        5
       Napper  _______________________________________________

       Jumper  _______________________________________________
       Jogger  _______________________________________________

       Walker  _______________________________________________

       Twister _______________________________________________

Performance Assessment:

      -  What is the hardest working muscle in your body?  Why ?

      -  Explain how the heart functions.

      -  Outline the circulation of blood through the heart.

      -  Describe the sound of a heartbeat and explain the functions of each.
      -  What causes the pulse?       
      -  Did exercise cause the pulse to increase in rate or decrease?  

      _  What did you learn from the data on the bar graph?  How did the data
         differ among the groups?  Explain?    


           The heart is about the size of your fist.  It is made of muscle.
       Your heart works like a pump.  You hear two sounds during every
       heartbeat.  Doctors call them lub-dub noises.  Your pulse tells you how
       fast your heart is beating.  The throb you feel is the blood rushing
       through the vessel with each heartbeat.  During exercise your heart
       beats faster.  When you stop, your heart rate slows down.

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