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   I told the custodian that the safety mats under the b-ball backboard was coming off, he duct taped it back up. " I used the tape as a last ditch attempt to attach the bottom of a sneaker to it's top ."
   For our curling of the students tennis shoes we put a strip of duct tape and the other we left for friction
   Used to keep the b-ball net attached to the rim instead of the plastic eyes.
   Blow up a balloon and then cover it with duct tape..makes a great ball for many uses.
   Giant bulletin boards and connect butcher paper at seams to create flawless signs or targets. Great for hanging posters or signs on walls .
   Give each student a piece of tape(6") to write their name on for vertical jump.
   Reinforces all the boxes that contain equipment. Carpet hockey/toe fencing are made of newspaper and duct tape...Have to tape tips of shoes for special needs students to tricycle pedals for more support...Tape laundry baskets to b-ball poles for field days for primary stdents...To seal a beacball leak...To hang signs on mats and mark where the hands and head go for a headstans/tripod...take crushed soda cans wrapped in duct tape for hockey pucks...
   Made weights out of water bottles(filled with sand and pvc pipes) beanbags, batting tees
   Get a plunger and attach foam insulation with duct tape for a batting tee
   Tape all screws , nuts and bolts on all hockey nets(safety!)
   Attach hula hoops to the wall for throwing targets
   Take lint off nice warm-ups and sweaters
   Emergency splint for jammed fingers
   Place names of body parts with duct tape attached to their clothes(bicep , tricep , abdominals)
   Place names on back of their shirts
   Hem pants and dresses when " I want to wear them in a hurry and have no time."
   Tape laundry dryer sheet tube for a relay stick
   Tape broken wiffleball bats
   Make a medicine ball- cut a small slit in a broken basketball and place heavy items inside then duct tape the opening
   In the movie "ANALYZE THIS" , the Mafia used the tape to shut the trunk on a victim
   We used the tape to patch a four foot hole in our canoe after it capsized in Canada. It lasted for the last 25 miles in four foot waves.
   Used it once to hold my bumper on my Intrepid in place for a couple of weeks.
   Recently , a women and man from pittsburgh used the tape to tie up a social worker to a chair so they could take a child for custodial reasons.
   Our principal was duct taped to the wall for .50 cents and a donation to a worthy project...hmmmm!

Here's a great use of duct tape:
*wrap duct tape around your cross-country ski poles in several sections.
Give it about 8-12 wraps, or more, depending on your poles. Then you always
have some handy for repairs to boots, bindings, pole, gloves, coats, etc.
Also works well on your downhill gear. The best part is that you don't even
know it's there.

Kurt Weinberg
1991 Central District Elementary PE TOY
Bismarck, ND
Duct tape is like the Force. It has a light side & a dark side, and it
holds the universe together.

Jim English
Physical Education Specialist
Chadron City Schools
"Guiding children in the process of becoming physically active and
healthy for a lifetime."