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Look back at the year ?
Saturday, 16 April 2011
Summer Activities
There is no need to stop the train of learning because of summer vacation. The best way is to insert the fitness calendar as a viable means to continue the learning process. During the school year , the students have maintained this concept ,which carries over to the summer. Check out some examples from my webpage by clicking on the Fitness Calendar link from the start page and look for it from the left pane. I mentioned to the students to make their own fitness calendars and continue them until the start of school.This gave them a chance to not only have fun and be creative ,but also to have them ready the very first day of school. The results proved to be very effective . Since ,I lived within the district it was easy for them to show me their progress and ingenuity. They even took the calendars on vacation and filled the days in with days at the beach playing volleyball, frisbee ,walking , running, swimming ,biking ,skate boarding or any activity that got them moving. This is where the snowball express came into view. The students involved the parents with their signature of checking that their child finished the calendar.Shortly there after ,I started a neighborhood walk that led to a fitness trail and member of the recreation board in the community. This carry over (from the parents /PTA) gave me monies to pursue more equipment and also meant that the lifetime of fitness concept was realized. Of course it didn't hurt that grandparents were included in the summer fitness calendar. So, the adage that learning never stops and fitness for a lifetime proved to be an exemplary motivator. The calendar is not a unique idea but it gives the students ownership and shows then how to make an individual plan.In many cases ,they repeated an activity but tried to improve on a previous performance.That is, walk a half mile on Monday ,they tried to increase to a mile on Tuesday. I gave then ideas ahead of time with any backyard and open areas .It ranged from anything they did during the school year to making homemade equipment.I tried to encourage integration with reading and core subject skills.
  • Ride anything wheels today for 30 minutes
  • Help mom with laundry , use bath towels for toss and catch game
  • Set up a clothesline between trees or house, play baloon volleyball
  • DAD'S special day, take him golfing, bowling, walking or play a game of catch
  • Toss any type object into garbage cans from different distances(clean the can first and help with garbage detail)
  • Gather soda pop cans and stack to play bowling(pyramid shape)
  • Walk the beach all day with mom /dad/family
  • Play beach towel volleyball with friends or family( toss a ball over a net)
  • Play frisbee at the beach or campground/park/with family or friends
  • Gather sea shells , toss in sand bucket, repeat for a better score
  • Jog in the sand , forward , backward, sideward for 15 minutes
  • Make a hop skotch grid and or horseshoe pit and play with family or friends
  • Play a game of tag using the sun and shadows(shadow tag
  • Hike with family or friends at the community park
  • Take in a baseball or softball team and support the local or pro team of your choice
  • Make small weights using sand buckets, milk jugs with water and exercise for 15 minutes
  • Pile up used phone books and put a golf tube on each end(crawl or jump over 15 times)
  • At the beach, pool or backyard=toss water balloons for distance with a friend or family
  • Drag a used tire with a rope around the yard for 15 minutes
  • Jump in and out of a hula hoop 50 times, repeat for a better score
  • Flashlight Tag= shine the light on opponents in a hide and seek night game
  • Go to a Senior Center and help them workout/read or walk
  • Teach a 'new ' friend while on vacation, a game that you learned in PE class
  • Use beach towels to practice stretching skills learned in PE class
  • Run or jog back and forth 30 feet( shuttle run), 5 times
  • Throw socks(rolled) into the laundry basket , increase distance each time
  • Hand volley a tennis ball against a wall 100 times(forehand stroke)
  • Use a tennis ball can to toss and catch inside 10 times with each hand
  • Play FLINGO( tennis ball inside tube sock) with family or friends
  • Attach a coffee can(ask mom to cut open one end) on a tree and shoot baskets with the tennis ball
  • Use a blanket(old) as a parachute and exercise or fling equipment off
  • Walk one mile with your family , keep heart rate checked

  • Posted by igreen at 10:05 PM EDT
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    Friday, 22 October 2010
    If you want any type of help just check out my comments from the NASPE discussion group at . Afer the initial sign up process type in my name ( Gerry Cernicky) in the search box for over 500 comments .

    Posted by igreen at 9:57 AM EDT
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    Wednesday, 13 October 2010
    Fall Activities
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    The entire premise of fall activities is to get outside and just do something, whether it be 


    the neighborhood or any place that has proper facilities. All of this is inherent upon the


    carryover from the gymnasium and school grounds. The P.E. teacher should teach the


    information and skills through developmentally appropriate activities, which will serve as


    an impetus to get the students excited and interested in P.E. class.


    At this time of year across the country , the Fall has a myriad of different


    seasonal changes.  Of course ,  the temperature throughout each state will vary , but the


    opportunities to experience the environment offer a vast array of challenges . In all cases ,


    there should be an incentive to be involved in a lifetime of fitness that can excite the


    students  to a comfortable level  , which will be a valuable asset in the learning process.


    This will give them the prospect to find something they can enjoy the rest of their


    lives well beyond the school years .


    There are many agencies  on the national , state and local level  to peek the interest of


    not only the students , but the entire family unit . The hardest part is setting out to do it .


    This task is a vital part the physical educator will have to combine what is learned in P.E.


    class , and then carry over to the family in activities that can be utilized at home .


    A first step may be a fitness calendar , which the students take home  and complete each


    day and then returned to the PE instructor. This involves the family in activities using


    either original or makeshift / home made equipment.  The monthly calendar serves as an


    impetus to be life long learners in all health and fitness pursuits.


    Outdoor adventures in the Fall season with amazing color changes along with the various


    activities can promote a wonderful experience for both the students and their family. A


    visit to the national  or state level parks offers a chance to engage in a host of activities


    that includes hiking/walking , biking , canoeing, kayaking ,  caving , zip lining , and


    photography .  There are wonderful national parks with breath taking vistas that can


    pump up the heart rate with exhilarating activities. Here is a cross section of those parks


    that can be used within a moderate driving distance :

    • Acadia – Maine
    • Great Smoky – North Carolina and Tennessee
    • Glacier – Montana
    • Shenandoah – Virginia
    • Yosemite – California
    • Denali- Alaska
    • Capital Reef- Utah
    • Yellowstone – Wyoming , Montana , Idaho
    • Big Bend – West Texas , Colorado
    • Voyaguers – Minnesota
    • Mount Rainier – Washington
    • Cuyahoga – Ohio
    • Guadalupe- west Texas
    • Rocky Mountain- Colorado

    In a national survey , the Grand Canyon was rated as the best national park for families 


    and the best hiking adventure was the Smoky Mountain range .  There are many great


    state level agencies / programs that can present activities for the students and their


    families. An example , in Pennsylvania , there is Venture Outdoors  , which has hiking ,


    kayaking , biking , rock climbing , and walking tours throughout the city and diverse


    neighborhoods .


    Included in these activities are geocaching , cruiser bikes , fishing , climbing wall , and


    adventures that include guide work , gear / equipment  , scavenger hunts , orienteering ,


    pedometers , GPS units , and compasses. This allows the students to learn about problem


    solving , self esteem and teamwork .


    On the local level , in Allegheny County , near Pittsburgh , there is a Wise Walk program

    sponsored by the (28) libraries that involves walking groups under the auspices of AARP


    and Highmark hospital in their People Able to Lend Support(PALS). It has been in the


    fourth year geared to increase physical activity while providing a social outlet.  The


    Highmark PALS program ties in with the company for  a mission to keep people healthy


    through wellness and prevention. The participants are given pedometers to track their


    steps . One walker noted ,“ The more steps we have , the farther we can go on the map .”


    She pointed to the Grand Canyon  ,  a journey of more than 4 million steps , and Disney


    World , a journey of 2 million steps .( calculated)


    There are charity walks and races that can provide a healthy and community service for


    all the participants . Usually , these are sponsored by hospitals , banks , sporting goods


    stores and radio /TV stations .


    The environment and outdoor adventures are a vital component , not only for fitness , but


    also a sense of pride in the school and community. By being actual participants , the P.E.


    teacher , will provide the leadership needed to instill the motivation to participate .


    Gerry Cernicky



    Posted by igreen at 9:49 PM EDT
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    Thursday, 21 May 2009

    Mood:  quizzical
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    Topic: Look back at the year ?

    There is more than teaching P.E. Take steps and prepare to furthur your education. Take some classes to keep you abreast of the new trends in education . This can take the form of technology or techniques that will keep the students enthusiastic and wanting for more .


    Posted by igreen at 7:27 AM EDT
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    Tuesday, 19 May 2009

    Mood:  hungry
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    Topic: Look back at the year ?

    The next step is to join all the national , state and local organizations to keep abreast of all the new trends . It is important to volunteer in both the school and community . You must advocate P.E. in any way you can.

    Try an in-service at the start or end of the school year . It doesn't have to be a P.E. entry . Maybe it can be a technological presentation . In this way , the bond with the core subject teachers will show you are a real teacher , too.

    Posted by igreen at 9:28 AM EDT
    Updated: Tuesday, 19 May 2009 9:32 AM EDT
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    Monday, 18 May 2009
    Last month of school
    Mood:  on fire
    Now Playing: Hints and suggestions
    Topic: Look back at the year ?

    Make sure to retool , adjust and modify at the end of each school year . Dissect what worked , what didn't , and why ? The national standards should have been developed .

    Posted by igreen at 8:58 PM EDT
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