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Arrange the class around the parachute with 5-6 scooters under the chute . With a four colored parachute call one color at atime to leave the parachute get on the scooter and try to get out safely. The other students will first raise the parachute until a color is called and will let go trying to trap the scooter students . Call a new color each time .
All the students
will be holding the parachute and then practice lifting it above their heads , Next they will forcefully drive the chute downward and then kneel on their color . A color will be called and that group must try to climb the mountain and touch the middle in the shortest time. Call a new color each time .
The activity practice will be the same as MOUNTAIN
except this time have the students sit on the floor and place the parachute down their backs. Call a color who will escape the MUSHROOM , run around the circle one time and reenter from their origonal position . Call a new color each time.
Place two hoola hoops
on the parachute with two different balls . The object is to make waves and try to place the designated ball through a designated hoola hoop first . Any other objects may be used for the scring "basket" : such as a bike tire or any round shaped object.
Place four cones behind the students at each of these clock positions : 12 , 3 , 6 , 9....have the class run around while holding on to the parachute. On a signal , or music , stop or freeze the action . That student who is nearest one of the cones gets caught each time. Reverse the order and change the mode of movement such as walk , run , slide , hop , etc.
Place as many balls
on the parachute that can be flipped off without too much trouble. Have one group holding the parachute and the other around it. The parachute group will try tpo flip the balls off while the outside trieds to catch them . Score one point for a catch . Any ball that hits the floor is score for the flipping team. Switch positions .


JUMP FOR JOY: Arrange the class into three's with two swingers and one jumper . Play upbeat music for enthusiasm . Have the swingers scattered all over the gym but in a clocklike order. The jumpers will try to get around the clock in the fewest misses for a certain time limit. Exchange partners often and repeat the activity to improve on a previous score. Change the direction of the ropes from front door to back door for more variety.

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